Trakindo Volunteer Mengajar Named as One of the Best Community Programs

Trakindo Volunteer Mengajar Best Community Program 1
Trakindo Volunteer Mengajar Best Community Program 2

Trakindo’s commitment in supporting the improvement of quality education in Indonesia has once again received an award. This time, the Trakindo Volunteer Mengajar (TVM) program received Silver Award on Best Community Programme category at The 10th Global Annual CSR Summit and Awards 2018 held by The Pinnacle Group International.

The main scoring criteria for this award includes: the scope of impact given for the community, continuation of the program, innovation process within the program, and how the program could contribute to the company.

TVM is designed as an effort to create sustainable development in 40 Public Elementary School (SDN) guided by Trakindo. Through the direct interaction with the students and teachers, volunteers could experience the teaching process and cultivate awareness of improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

TVM has been held since 2013 and aimed to increase the employee engagement, to make the employee proud of being a part of the organization and as brand ambassador to the community, and to express Trakindo’s commitment in corporate citizenship.

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