Human Resources

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Employees are our most important assets. Trakindo recruits only the best talent in the industry, and provides necessary tools and resources, including comprehensive and continuing 

­The Human Resources Department plays an integral role in helping PT Trakindo Utama accomplish its goals and vision.

The department does this by:­

  • Building a competitive advantage and being the first choice of employment through superior organizational leadership, intellectual capital, ethics and integrity.
  • Fostering a challenging, rewarding and fun work environment through job security, advancement, recognition and pride.
  • Providing the best proactive advisory services to management and employees.
  • Being a good corporate citizen, providing equal employment opportunities and living up to our social responsibilities.

To make all of this happen, the Human Resources Department is continuously offering and implementing exciting new programs to improve ourselves and the company.

­This includes the introduction of competency-based human resources management as part of our People and Organization Development Project.

To help our employees balance their work and social lives, the Human Resources Department introduced the Trakindo Utama Sports and Recreation Association (TUSRA).

The association focuses on organizing recreational activities such as family gatherings and sports competitions for Trakindo Utama employees and their families nationwide.

The Human Resources Department also established the MITRATAMA Foundation to help the children of all of our employees achieve their educational goals. The foundation offers scholarships and special programs at educational institutions.

Currently, the MITRATAMA Foundation is cooperating with ten vocational high schools (in Lubuk Pakam, Balikpapan, Makasar, Singosari Malang, Sorong, Timika, Dumai, Bitung, Samarinda and Sumbawa Besar) and five polytechnic institutions (TEDC Bandung, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Politeknik Andalas Padang, Polteknik Negeri Samarinda and Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin) to offer special programs for members of the PT Trakindo Utama family.


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