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­A separate Medium Speed Engine Business Unit was created to handle the sales of new medium speed engine power generation projects and product support of the existing Caterpillar. Kiel products (formerly known as MaK) as the sole agent and the only authorized manufacturer representative in Indonesia.

Caterpillar acquired MaK in 1997. a leading German manufacturer of technologically advanced Medium Speed Engines with output from 1,000 kW to 15,700 kW.  Caterpillar re-launched the MaK Power Generation product as the CM engine (Caterpillar Motoren) and PT Trakindo Utama has been selected for sole dealer rights to service and sell the machines in Indonesia. We are one of the few dealers that meets the stringent Caterpillar requirements.

­What We Do

MSE Power Projects

We provide End to End Process of Medium Speed Engine Power Generation projects (3600 and CM series), this includes : Strategy, Marketing, System Design, Sales, Project Execution, Installation and Commissioning.  We also provide Power Generation System Consultancy Services.

Sales of large complex power generating equipment requires a long term outlook, significant Engineering input in engine and additional plant requirements and may run for 2-3 years from inception to completion. Our specialist Power Project team have the focus and experience required to make these long term commitments into reality.

MSE Large Engine Center

MaK/CM product support (parts and services) are handled entirely by the LEC from the Head office in Jakarta.  We have extensive range of parts inventory to support the customer operation.

Parts / Warehouse

MaK / CM Parts  Sales are handled entirely by the Large Engine Center in Jakarta. Contact the numbers on this web site for your parts needs.

Service Centre / Workshop

Service can vary from simple technical advice through  to detailed troubleshooting to full Operation and Maintenance Contracts over multiple years. The MSEBU has a full range of products to offer customers to ensure they are maximizing the investment made in their plant.

The workshop is equipped with quality machine tools for off site repairs and overhaul as well as a full range of specialist site equipment for insitu work on liners, blocks, heads and other critical components not easily transported.

Service personnel are trained by Caterpillar Authorized trainers and possess the latest updates of technical service literature to ensure they utilize the latest possible information and techniques.

Sale of parts and service for 3600 engines

These are  handled via PT Trakindo Utama's extensive local branch network in each region.  We work with customers and local branches with active 3600 engines to help develop proactive parts and service plans and CSAs.

MSEBU Parts Sales­

Genuine Latest Version Spare Parts

As the sole authorized distributor for Cat/MaK power generation engine components in Indonesia, PT Trakindo Utama has specially trained parts personnel who can identify the latest version of any part requested.  With Trakindo's electronic connection to the Kiel Parts system, we have access to all the latest part updates, part availability and part replacement strategies. 

Older version spares, which have been updated as still sold by many after-market companies/ non genuine and can cause unnecessary early hour failure or incompatibility with other matching parts ? leading to increased wear and tear damage.  All our spares come with a genuine Certificate of Manufacture (COM) from the original equipment supplier, Caterpillar.

Local Parts Stocking

We currently hold over, 5 Mil in MaK Parts in our Jakarta warehouse.  We also have immediate access to another Mil of parts in Cat Singapore.  This reduces lead time and provides a level of insurance against urgent requirements. By working closely with our customers and assisting with their plans and programs for overhaul we can provide all the parts precisely when needed, avoiding unnecessary parts holding / warehousing costs and overhaul delays.

Options For Reman Parts

We operate a reman parts program where customers can gain parts credits for both usable and non-usable returned cores.  These credits will reduce the cost of remanufactured components such as cylinder heads, vibration dampers, con rods and governors by up to 40% off new prices. The use of Trakindo's extensive Parts Reman Center in Jakarta allows refurbishment and repair use of customer parts which previously may have been scrapped using specialist machinery and analysis developed specifically for Caterpillar products.

The large Engine Center is continually developing ways to reduce the cost of ownership by providing customers with the best possible repair options.


Main Office
PT Trakindo Utama
MSEBU - Power Systems
TMT Building I, 15th Floor
Jl. Cilandak KKO No.1, Cilandak
Jakarta 12560
Phone :  (62-21) 782 2373 (Hunting)
Fax     : (62-21) 782 2357


Large Engine Centre/Product Support Sales & Workshop

Cilandak Commercial Estate Building No. 101
Jl. KKO Raya Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan 12560, Indonesia
Telp      :  (62-21) 789 0177
Fax        :  (62-21) 789 0176  




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