Whether a customer is managing a few machines or an entire fleet, they need quick access to the right parts. It c­an make all the difference in keeping machines running and staying profitable.

PartStore provides a convenient way for customers to order parts to all Trakindo branches, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers don't have to leave their office or even pick up a telephone. They would simply select the parts they need online and have them delivered directly to their job site.

Cat® PartStoreTM Web ( PSWEB )

PartStore Web gives customers the freedom to order parts from virtually anywhere.  Any Internet browser can be used to place an order - any time of day, any day of the week from Trakindo web site. And with PartStore Web customers can:


  • Check the real-time price, availability, and lead time of parts from all Trakindo Branches
  • Check order status and Invoices from Trakindo
  • Search more tha­n 800,000 parts in our online parts books ( SiS Parts )
  • Choose from new, remanufactured, Cat Classic, or used part options
  • Place orders with frequently ordered parts lists that can be shared across companies
  • Review online order history, invoices and Reman core status for more accurate record keeping
  • Streamline the ordering process by specifying user preferences
  • Order parts faster and easier than ever

With PartStore Web, the right parts are right at a customer's fingertips.   Search Caterpillar's Service Information System and General Parts Information Catalogs - and get results quickly.

Cat® PartStoreTM Integrated Procurement (PSIP)

PartStore Integrated Procurement empowers customers to order parts online using their business system (i.e. SAP, J.D. Edwards, P­eopleSoft, Mincom, and others have already connected using Integrated Procurement).  As a result of this integrated solution, customers will realize cost savings and enjoy the convenience of transacting electronically with Trakindo.

Here's how it works:

­A purchase order is se­nt electronically from a customer's business system to the Caterpillar e-hub.

  • The Caterpillar e-hub checks the order, applies business rules and routes the order to the customer's local Caterpillar dealer.
  • The order is printed on the pick ticket in Trakindo branches parts warehouse and the parts are delivered to the customers as requested in the purchase order.
  • Additional features available to the customer are the generation of a detailed order response to the customer, electronic invoicing to the customer, and electronic invoicing to the customer.

These are the benefits:

  • Improves efficiency - no duplicate entry. The order is placed directly from the customer's business system.
  • Improves accuracy - for parts order. Most customers have dealer part number & price files or use PartStore online to create a parts list (punch-out).
  • Instant Information - Customers receive availability instantaneously for emergency orders.
  • Saves time - Automatic stock order replenishment, without manual intervention from customer or dealer.
  • Cost Savings - Savings to the customer and dealer are approximately $75 each (per electronic PO­. Per-transaction cost savings (20-50%) are achieved by: linking suppliers, eliminating invoice errors, and providing efficient billing.


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