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[ 18/02/13 ]Trakindo Samarinda-branch and PT Pelita Samudra Shipping aid Samarinda Polytechnic
1:45 PM, Feb 18 2013
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To Help Elevating the Quality of Work-ready Human Capitals Graduated from the Heavy Equipment Program Study

Jakarta, December 17, 2012. Quality manpower in the field of heavy equipment is highly needed, especially in Kalimantan, one of Indonesia’s mining centers. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) Samarinda branch was recently entrusted by PT Pelita Samudra Shipping to deliver its D5K heavy equipment unit, to be deployed as a very useful training and learning material for the students of Samarinda Polytechnic. Trakindo’s cooperation with Samarinda Polytechnic has been on going since 1998 through COOP program (Cooperation). In 2010, Trakindo has also provided assistance in the form of C19 engine donation, including several heavy equipment components to the Polytechnic to use as practical equipment for the heavy equipment faculty.
The D5K Heavy equipment unit donated to the Samarinda Polytechnic is currently unusable for PT Pelita Ocean Shipping, in which the Polytechnic students are expected to reassemble the unit back so it can resume operations.

"PT Pelita Samudra Shipping’s decision to appoint Trakindo in help delivering the aid is based on our good relationship, and because Trakindo also runs education programs in heavy equipment education with the Samarinda Polytechnic, which is one of many Polytechnics under the Trakindo COOP program," explained Yusar Mirza, General Operations Manager, PT Trakindo Utama Samarinda branch.
Yusar added, "We hope the aid given can be useful, enhancing the expertise of the Samarinda Polytechnic students in enriching their understanding of various heavy equipment unit types. Because the availability of experts in heavy equipment is highly needed right now, and through COOP programs and these types of assistance, more heavy equipment experts will born. "

Up to now, Trakindo have successfully executed a number of social responsibility projects that include cooperation program (COOP) with vocational schools and polytechnics, which have been run since 1996, as well as 'Educational Assistance Program for 40 Elementary Schools’ spread between Aceh and Papua.

The background of the COOP program for vocational schools and polytechnics was driven by Trakindo’s desire to make the vocational schools and polytechnics as a source of expert workforce that are ready to work as well as aiding the development of professional teachers in certain industrial aspects.

COOP program involving several vocational schools and polytechnics today are run for three (3) years time. In designing the curriculum of Heavy Equipment Program Studies implemented in the selected vocational schools and polytechnics, Trakindo cooperated with relevant parties that include the Directorate of Secondary Vocational Education (Dikmenjur) as well as the Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education) for polytechnics. Within the courses for heavy equipment curriculum, Trakindo also includes subjects that contain essential character development that will benefit students as individuals. This is in line with Trakindo’s commitment to help the government in establishing education with character for students of vocational schools and polytechnics. To date, about 2008 students have graduated from vocational schools and polytechnics.

"The noble mission of our company is how the citizens of Indonesia will not only get a decent and high-quality job opportunity, supported by education with character. We hope that the program we run can be a sustainable program, allowing it to reach a higher stage and produce more high quality youths with excellent characters", Yusar said.

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