Accomplishing More Work in the Midst of a Pandemic with Cat® 323 GC

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CAT 323 GC

As the pandemic situation in Indonesia improves, various economic recovery plans are on the agenda. A number of sectors, which have shown positive indications since last year, have been encouraged to turn the wheels of the Indonesian economy again, such as  agriculture, plantation and agribusiness sectors, construction and infrastructure sectors, as well as mining and energy sectors. To support the industrial sector in reorganizing its business performance, PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), a Cat heavy equipment solution provider in Indonesia, introduced the latest hydraulic excavator in the 23 ton class, Cat 323 GC.

The Cat 323 GC is a machine solution for increasing productivity with easy-to-use controls, a comfortable cabin, able to drive fuel savings up to 25 percent, and maintenance intervals that reduce costs by up to 20 percent – ​​all for the end result of lower production costs.

Speaking at the launch of Cat 323 GC (15/09), Desman Tambunan, Trakindo Product Manager believes that the industrial sector needs support and the right strategy to be able to spearhead the economic recovery that Indonesia needs. "The challenge is how to ensure that the industrial sector can perform efficiently to get maximum results in the midst of various restrictions that occur because the pandemic is not completely over yet," explained Desman Tambunan.

Cat 323 GC carries high productivity as one of its main advantages. This is evidenced by the capacity of its 1.3 cubic meters bucket, the largest in its class. This proves to be very profitable because it is able to optimize production.

In the midst of this pandemic, to maintain the safety of all workers, sometimes operational activities cannot be carried out optimally; such as if there is a team member that is exposed to the virus or has to undergo self-isolation. To anticipate these circumstances, the speed of production and work is the key so that the industrial sector does not lose its profits. In this kind of situation, the presence of high productivity excavators will be a solution.

"The bottom line is that the Cat 323 GC offers reliable performance with lower ownership and operating costs," said Desman again.

This reliable performance is obtained from an increase in swing torque of up to 10 percent. This excavator also improves operator visibility with a rearview camera to increase the safety factor in operation. It is also equipped with a start push button and an operator id that can memorize the security settings of each operator. Operators can also be more productive with a convenient operator station, radio, bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and an 8-inch touch screen that can be used to manage settings according to operator convenience.

The next advantage is the cost of maintenance which can be lowered by up to 20 percent. The filter change interval is extended by increasing the life of the fuel filter from 500 to 1,000 hours, hydraulic filter from 2,000 to 3,000 hours, and air filter from 500 to 1,000 hours.

Furthermore, fuel efficiency can also increase by up to 25 percent because of the new electro-hydraulic system and hydraulic pump. These features make the Cat 323 GC fuel-efficient, but not at the expense of hydraulic power. Equipped with intelligent settings, the Cat 323 GC can detect the workload and set the optimum RPM to save fuel. Uniquely, the Cat 323 GC guarantees an average fuel consumption of 17 liters per hour*. This is the first and only time this has been applied to a similar product; where if the customer finds the average fuel consumption exceeds that number, the difference can be reimbursed*.

Additionally, the Cat 323 GC is also equipped with dual product link (satellite and cellular) technology, which connects and makes it easier to manage customers' heavy equipments. This technology can monitor various information related to heavy equipment remotely. Starting from the location of the equipment, operational conditions of the equipment, duration of use (hour meter), average fuel consumption, to providing fault code alerts to the customer's cellphone number, as well as other condition information via

“The Cat 323 GC is the answer to the needs of our customers who require maximum efficiency in the midst of today's conditions. Of course, we hope that with the support of Cat 323 GC, which is able to maintain efficiency and improve performance, the industrial sector will be able to re-drive the wheels of our economy, so that we can create prosperity for the entire community," concluded Desman.

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