All New CAT® 320 GX Excavator, The Best Investment To Reap More Profit Faster

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As the pandemic situation in our country improves, now it’s time to start economic recovery in every industrial sector. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), the provider of Caterpillar heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, is committed to pave the way to recovery by supporting those sectors to operate more productively and efficiently. Hence came Cat 320 GX; the latest hydraulic excavator in the 20-ton class with an outstanding performance and affordable price, that would become a reliable tactic to return the investment faster.

Speaking at the launch of Cat 320 GX (12/10), Arif Prawira, Trakindo Construction and ForAg Marketing and Sales Division Head explained the importance of investing in the appropriate heavy equipment to optimize customer’s operations. “The utilization of the right heavy equipment plays an important role in ensuring the effectiveness of the work, therefore Trakindo has a variety of excavator products in the 20-ton class that you can select according to your needs. This time we launched the Cat 320 GX, a superior product for customers who want heavy equipment with guaranteed quality, optimum performance, but at a very affordable price,” Arif explained.

By launching Cat 320 GX, Trakindo is providing support to customers as now they are facing various challenges in the business world, both during the pandemic and also in the long term. Cat 320 GX offers a unique combination of tailor-made features designed to match customer productivity and cost targets. The excavator is suitable for work in the construction, forestry, agribusiness and other industries. High productivity features as well as affordable investment costs make Cat 320 GX ideal for customers who worked in heavy equipment rental, or contractors who focus on short and medium term projects and are concerned about efficiency in owning and operating costs.

“Cat 320 GX is the answer for Trakindo's loyal customers who have always wanted to have Cat products but are still looking for specifications and prices that match their working capital. Cat 320 GX has a range of powerful techniques to quickly return capital, while providing the best customer satisfaction and experience. We hope that we can answer more and more customer needs with the products we present. This is also part of Trakindo's 50 years of dedication to work for Indonesia," said Arif.

The 20.5 tons hydraulic excavator features a 0.9 cubic meter general duty bucket that is optimal for most machine applications. Powered by a 4-cylinder engine Cat C4.4 with 145 horsepower which is strong, tough and field tested, making the Cat 320 GX even more fuel efficient. The engine is also environmentally friendly because it is ready to use biodiesel, both B30 and above. The combination of high productivity with low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and low purchase prices has become the hallmark of Cat 320 GX and it will help quickly return the customers' investment.

One thing that is equally important in choosing the right brand and model of heavy equipment is the support of the dealer. Trakindo has been a trusted and proven dealer since 1970. Reliable products, competent technicians, advanced facilities and after-sales service in more than 60 locations in Indonesia, make Trakindo ready to help customers advance their business anywhere and anytime.

Desman Parulian Tambunan, Product Manager of Trakindo explained, “The Cat 320 GX is able to save fuel up to 15% compared to the previous model. This improvement resulted in an electronically controlled valve to direct power to the hydraulic right target, thus saving fuel. We also provide a Fuel Savings Guarantee Program, the average fuel consumption of Cat 320 GX is 12 liters per hour*, meaning that if there is an excess, Trakindo will replace the difference*.”

*terms and conditions apply

There are two optional modes in Cat 320 GX — Power and Smart — which help operators in managing fuel consumption. Power mode is a traditional setting in which the operator can manually increase or decrease power. Smart Mode works by automatically adjusting the power for various workloads; maximum power for difficult digging, and lower for lighter loading, resulting in higher operating efficiency without compromising performance.

Another plus point is the maintenance cost, which can be lower by up to 20% than its predecessors. The filter change interval is extended by increasing the life of the fuel filter to 1,000 hours, hydraulic filter to 3,000 hours, and air filter to 1,000 hours. Regular maintenance is also easier because Cat 320 GX is designed with access to ground level maintenance.

Cat 320 GX equipment management is also made easy with remote monitoring through an embedded Cat Product Link which can be accessed via satellite network. With Product Link, users can monitor various information regarding the heavy equipment remotely; starting from the equipment’s location, operating conditions, duration of work, average fuel consumption, maintenance schedule, as well as error code information by accessing

Cat 320 GX will be officially launched in various regions in Indonesia; starting on October 14 for the Sumatra area, October 21 for the East Indonesia area, November 4 in the South Kalimantan area, November 11 in the North Kalimantan area, and, lastly, Java area on November 18. Customers who want to know more about Cat 320 GX launching programs can contact the Call Center 1500 228, and also visit the website for product information, financial solutions, as well as marketing promotion programs.

“Various advantages, guaranteed quality, and affordable prices make the Cat 320 GX the appropriate solution for customers who want to make the right investment in heavy equipment and fast return on investment. We believe this product will support the business performance to optimize industrial potential, and furthermore, to contribute to the national economic recovery," concluded Desman.

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