Best Teacher Learning Practices 2020


Distance Learning (Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh/PJJ) is a model of education currently carried out in undergoing the New Adaptation (Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru/AKB) period. In its implementation, teachers need to be creative in presenting learning methods that match students' abilities and needs. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) presenting the Best Teacher Learning Practice (Praktik Pembelajaran Guru Terbaik/PPGT) 2020 event; an annual event held to share, learn, and appreciate best practices for creative learning and the creation of innovative products from teachers from 40 Public Elementary Schools (Sekolah Dasar Negeri/SDN) assisted by Trakindo.

Rachmat Sobari Hamami, President Director of PT Trakindo Utama said, “Since established in 1970, our founder's mission was to create worthwhile and challenging job opportunities to as many Indonesians as possible. We are committed to producing quality human resources through our support for education in Indonesia from this mission. The educational programs we carry out, such as today's PPGT event, are our efforts to provide a "hook" for teachers in developing the character of their students at school. Trakindo believes that the implementation of character-based education that starts early will be a strong foundation for future generations. If the good character has been well-developed since elementary school, then it will remain for a long time. Hopefully, what we did can be a good driving force for schools to grow better, provide positive results to the public, and contribute in building the nation for the best of this country .”

Welcoming the commemoration of National Teacher's Day, which falls on 25 November, Trakindo held PPGT 2020 with the theme "Make a Character-based, Clean and Healthy School Happen for Quality Generation." PPGT is the closing of Trakindo's National Character Building programs series, which implemented since 2016, and the WinS (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools) program which implemented to support the strengthening of character education and the healthiness of the school environment.

Iwan Syahril, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), said, “The contribution Trakindo has made is in line with the government's aspirations in strengthening character education in elementary schools, especially in developing teacher leadership values. The AKB condition is a new challenge for teachers to create creative learning in a pleasant atmosphere even though they are undergoing distance learning based on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT). Through programs such as PPGT, teachers gain new insights in doing creative learning practices. Hopefully, programs like this can continue to be implemented to provide positive benefits for education in Indonesia."

The PPGT closing ceremony was attended by more than 300 online participants consisting of 40 Trakindo-assisted schools, impacted schools, education practitioners, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. In this year's implementation, all PPGT activities organized by Trakindo are carried out virtually, starting from competitions, assessments, judging, sharing, and horizontal learning sessions, to winners' announcement.


List of winners of PPGT 2020:


Innovation in the Application of Learning from Home, the Nation Character Building Program

Sunarmi, S.Pd

SDN 001 Teluk Bayur

Berau, Tj. Redeb, Kalimantan Timur

Badan Bugar Covid Bubar



Innovative Teaching Tools for Nation Character Building Program

Arum Puspitaningtyas, S.Pd

SDN 001 Teluk Bayur

Berau, Tj. Redeb, Kalimantan Timur

GEMA (Games Motorik dan Akademik)



Innovative Sanitation Education Teaching Tools for Wash in Schools Program

Anugrah Mitia Sari

SDN Pelambuan 4

Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan

Modul Interaktif Aku Anak Sehat



Innovation in Appropriate Technology for Sanitation for Wash in Schools Program

Evi Rohmawati

SDN 003 Sangatta Utara

Kutai, Kalimantan Timur

Sarana CTPS Portable


SDN 001 Teluk Bayur, Berau, Tj. Redeb, East Kalimantan won the title in 2 categories at PPGT in 2020, namely the Innovation in the Application of Learning from Home, the National Character Building Program with the theme Badan Bugar Covid Bubar and the Innovative Teaching Tools, the National Character Building Program with the theme 'GEMA (Games Motorik dan Akademik)'.

"We are delighted because we won 2 categories in the PPGT 2020 competition and at the same time make SDN 001 Teluk Bayur proud. Thanks to fellow teachers, students, and parents, who have supported us, and Trakindo for organizing this PPGT competition so that we can enhance our abilities and creativity," said Ms. Sunarmi, a teacher representative from SDN 001 Teluk Bayur. , Berau, Tj. Redeb, East Kalimantan.

The implementation of PPGT is also part of Trakindo's steps in participating in the success of the Ministry of Education and Culture’ strategic goals for 2020-2024 in terms of developing the potential of students with character, one of which is through programs that can increase the creativity of teachers and educators to create students with character and quality.

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