Cat® 777E Offers New Features to Increase Customer Profits


PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), a provider of Cat heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, released the latest version of their mining truck, Cat 777E. This latest iteration of Cat 777E comes with various updates that will redefine and increase performance, and be more fuel efficient. These updates will provide more benefits for consument in the midst of the rise of Coal Reference Prices (Harga Batubara Acuan HBA) and Export Benchmark Prices (Harga Patokan Ekspor HPE) of Coal, along with the increasing demand for mining commodities.

Although we’re currently still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mining commodity prices are in a positive trend and it brings benefits to the mining industry in Indonesia. The positive trend is due to increasing world demand[1], mainly due to the high level of consumption in East Asian countries.[2] This condition affects HPE which is subject to Export Duties (Bea Keluar) for August 2021. Likewise with Indonesian HBA. In July, Indonesia's HBA rose US$15.02 per tonne, from US$100.33 in the previous month to US$115.35 per tonne. This makes the July HBA the highest in 10 years, or since November 2011.

Haris Dini Muharyanto, Product Manager of Trakindo, said that Trakindo is committed to support its customers, including in the mining industry, in running their business and increasing profits. "Trakindo hopes that  our customers can take advantage of the positive trend in mining commodity prices by helping them increase productivity," he said.

“Through Cat 777E, we want to contribute so that the momentum of mining commodity prices rising can be utilized and optimized. This truck has performance improvement compared to previous versions, ranging from engine, fuel efficiency, to safety and comfort for operators. This upgrade redefines performance!” added Haris.

The Cat 777E is an off-highway truck commonly used in mining business. This truck offers the highest payload in its class, which is 98.2 tonnes. The latest version of the Cat 777E Truck delivers improved performance and fuel efficiency for lower haul costs per tonne. The truck is also integrated with a number of new Cat technologies that help increase haulage efficiency and truck life, such as the Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) to improve transmission and engine coordination for better use of engine power.

Equipped with the updated C32 engine, the torque on the Cat 777E is increased by 7%, resulting in increased traction and speed on grades. Then, there is 2nd gear drive feature which reduces acceleration time by making the truck go straight into second gear under certain conditions. This feature allows the truck to reach optimal speeds faster, lower cycle times, and minimize the number of transmission shifts. The use of fuel is also more economical.

The increase in fuel efficiency is also supported by the Adaptive Eco Mode (along with other modes, namely Power and ECO) which allows customers to reduce engine power by 0.5 to 15% which is adjusted to field conditions. In addition, there is also an Auto Neutral Idle feature which will automatically shift the transmission to a neutral condition if the engine is idle while it is in "D".

Other than improved performance and fuel efficiency, this product also prioritizes comfort and safety for the operator. The Cat 777E is equipped with the new Cat Comfort Seat. Then there is the integrated  transmission lever and hoist lever which is more intuitive and makes it easier to control. To make the operator's job easier, this truck is also equipped with a touchscreen operator interface, with better user interface and larger screen size so it is easier to read. The Cat 777E also improves visibility with a new mirror package that expands the operator's rear view.

Haris expressed his hope that the latest features that are present in the Cat 777E can help customers. "We believe that the Cat 777E will answer customer needs in increasing productivity and performance, and we believe that by continuing to deliver leading-edge technology, we will meet customer needs and satisfaction," concluded Haris.



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