Cat® MineStar™ on Mining Surface

Cat Minestar

For the first time in Indonesia, Cat® MineStar™ technology system is applied in mining surface. Recently, Cat MineStar Fleet Project Go-Live Handover Ceremony was done in BUMA’s coal mining site in Paringin, Tanjung Adaro, South Kalimantan.

Cat MineStar is a Fleet Management System integrated with Plant Maintenance Management that optimizes real time technology to improve productivity and maximize the commodity value in mine operational.

The ceremony was attended by Roni Setyawan, Chief Operating Officer Trakindo, Sorimuda Pulungan, Director BUMA, Vega Perdana, Project Manager BUMA site Tanjung Adaro, and Andrew Ransley as the representative from Caterpillar. The utilization of this application is aimed to enhance the mining operation target, with more efficient resource utilization, production optimization, and more accurate fleet maintenance.

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