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Trakindo Innovakids 2022 - “The Innovation Product Education Transformation Movement” (Gerakan Transformasi Edukasi Produk Inovasi) is a proof of PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo)’s commitment to education sector, including elementary education, participating in an attempt to make the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia 2020-2024 a success, in terms of developing the potential of students with character. As an innovation competition for elementary school students in the form of appropriate technology, Trakindo Innovakids 2022 is the culmination of a series of coaching and mentoring for elementary education in 2021-2022 entitled Gerakan Transformasi Edukasi (Generasi) Trakindo – Trakindo Education Transformation Movement. Held in the midst of various rapid and fundamental transformations and transitions that are now taking place in the world of elementary education, Generasi Trakindo and Trakindo Innovakids are Trakindo's contribution so that teachers, students, and even parents have a strong support system to adapt to changes that occur, while not losing focus on the goals of basic education itself.

Speaking at Trakindo Innovakids 2022 which took place virtually and broadcasted throughout Indonesia (02/06), Bari Hamami, The President Director of Trakindo emphasized the importance of character building to support knowledge in elementary education. “Knowledge and science makes you smart, but it is not enough, it must be balanced with noble character. Through Trakindo Innovakids 2022, character education is achieved through increasing the capacity of educational staff, to encourage students to be more critical in identifying and responding to problems around them, and dare to take part in providing solutions. What we provide is a hook, not a fish. We do not give everything, but to provoke all parties to do better, so that we can integrate our strengths together for the sake of sustainable development of the quality of education in our beloved country," said Bari Hamami

"Trakindo Innovakids 2022 is also in line with the mission of our founders since 1970, specifically creating decent and quality jobs for as many Indonesians as possible. With this noble mission in mind, we are committed to creating quality human resources through our support for the education sector in Indonesia," stated Bari Hamami.

Trakindo's program for elementary education has actually been carried out intensively for decades. Trakindo's Education Transformation Movement (Generasi Trakindo) which is the theme this year has been running since June 2021 in two stages to support strengthening character education, life skills, and a culture of innovation in elementary schools by placing students as the focus of this year's activities. This year, the activity was attended by 40 schools, 500 teachers and around 10,000 students, parents and the community.

Also giving a speech, Dra. Sri Wahyuningsih, M.Pd., Director of Elementary Schools at the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, acknowledged that Trakindo's contribution so far has been in line with the government's goal of strengthening character education in elementary schools. Children can learn and practice using curiosity to find answers and solutions from an early age, as well as the desire to learn more, of course with the guidance of the teacher. Hopefully, through this activity initiated by Trakindo, teachers can gain new insights in creating creative learning practices and students can get adequate supplies for their education. I hope that programs like this can continue to be implemented in order to provide positive benefits for education in Indonesia," said Sri Wahyuningsih.

Trakindo Innovakids 2022 was attended by hundreds of online participants via PT Trakindo Utama's YouTube channel and the Elementary School Directorate's Youtube channel consisting of representatives of 40 Trakindo fostered elementary schools, impacted schools, education practitioners, journalists, and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture Ministry's Elementary School Directorate team. This year, all Trakindo Innovakids 2022 activities are carried out virtually. Each elementary school student representative was asked to make vlogs about their innovations and the assessment, judging, sharing, and winners were announced online.

SDN 1 TONGO, West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara managed to become the 1st place winner at Trakindo Innovakids 2022, through its innovative product, the electric hand washing machine. Meanwhile, Sapa Saya Raja from SDN 005 SEKUPANG, Batam, Riau Islands became the favorite presenter by speaking about his innovative product, air purifier. The complete list of winners for Trakindo Innovakids 2022 is as follows:

Winner 1 - SDN 1 TONGO, West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara - Electric hand washing machine

Winner 2 - SDN 4 KETAPANG, East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan - Waste bank

Winner 3 - SDN 005 SEKUPANG, Batam, Riau Islands - Air purifier

Favorite Presenter: Sapa Saya Raja - SDN 005 SEKUPANG, Batam, Riau Islands

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were judged by a jury consisting of Bari Hamami, President Director of Trakindo; Dr. Lanny Anggraini, S.Pd., MA Functional Officer of Learning Technology Development for Young Experts, Directorate of Elementary Schools, Ministry of Education and Culture, RI; Daniel Setyadi, Trakindo Chief Innovation Officer, Yulia Yasmina - Trakindo Chief Administration Officer, and Parama Suteja, Educational Content Creator and Harvard University Graduate Student. While the Favorite Presenter is the result of voting through the number of likes on the Generasi Trakindo YouTube channel.

Parama Suteja, a content creator who was also a judge and appeared to motivate students and teachers, said he applauds the innovation and achievements of the students at Trakindo Innovakids 2022. “Curiosity has led us to new ideas and innovations for a better life. That is why thinking, asking questions, exploring, and solving problems are skills that need to be trained in school. Many successful people like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs have succeeded thanks to their brilliant, creative and innovative minds,” said Parama Suteja.

"We hope that through this program many parties will be inspired and the public can participate with Trakindo in creating future generations who are innovative, creative, and adaptive to the changes they will have to face in the future, as well as being able to create changes in the future," concluded Bari Hamami.

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