SMKN 1 Balikpapan and Politeknik Negeri Padang Have Won the 2022 Heavy Equipment Engineering Skills Competency Competition (K3TAB)

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SMKN 1 Balikpapan and Politeknik Negeri Padang managed to become General Champion of the 2022 Heavy Equipment Engineering Skills Competence Competition (K3TAB) organized by PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), Cat® heavy equipment solution provider in Indonesia. The competition, which was held for a full week from October 3, was attended by 8 State Vocational High Schools (SMKN) and 6 Polytechnics from the Heavy Equipment Engineering Study Program.

Speaking at the Closing and Awarding of K3TAB 2022, Bari Hamami, Trakindo’s President Director stated that the implementation of K3TAB is Trakindo's effort to collaborate with educational institutions to take part in increasing knowledge and practical ability in heavy equipment engineering, as well as character education, to help develop students with great adaptation skill. “The K3TAB program that we have carried out since 1996 is one of Trakindo's efforts to implement our core value, sustainable development. This is an illustration of our earnestness in contributing selflessly to advance heavy equipment vocational education in the country. We hope that all stakeholders involved can maintain the enthusiasm to continue this well-established synergy for the quality advancement of the nation's next generation," said Bari Hamami.

“Rise Up Stronger, Together More Superior” (Bangkit Lebih Tangguh, Bersama Lebih Unggul) is the theme of K3TAB’s 14th edition for the Polytechnic level and the 13th edition for the SMKN level. With this program, Trakindo is hopeful that they can contribute to the education sector, and produce strong and superior generations in facing future challenges. To actualize this aspiration, Trakindo wants to complement students’ knowledge and skills, so that they are in line with the industry demands, and also to have a good character, so that after the students finished their undergoing education, they can become industry-ready workers who are able to meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Through his speech at this event, Sariyadi, ST, MBA, The Acting Director of Partnership and Alignment of Business and Industrial World, Directorate General of Vocational Education Kemendikbudristek RI, expressed his appreciation for the consistent implementation of K3TAB as an effort to always produce quality human resources through vocational education. “We, from the Ministry of Education and Culture, are thankful to Trakindo for providing support for vocational education, and also to the hard work of all teachers, principals, directors of polytechnics, and all participants. By partnering with the business and industrial sector through the Link & Match Program, I believe that vocational education will be stronger, students will have sufficient competence, for a better future, and stronger Indonesia," said Sariyadi.

This program, which collaborates with educational institutions in various regions in Indonesia, is part of the Trakindo Education Cooperation (CO-OP) program. Since it was first held in 2008, K3TAB has become an event for participating educational institutions to increase the knowledge capacity and practical skills of students, so that uniformity is obtained in the teaching and learning process, and improving the quality of graduates majoring in Heavy Equipment Engineering from each educational institution.

In this year's event, K3TAB is again collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Education, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) RI. This collaboration is the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Trakindo and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture regarding synergy in improving the quality of human resources and governance in the education sector which was signed in January 2021.

Bari Hamami said educational institutions that collaborated with Trakindo on K3TAB this year have been able to consistently provide real contributions to the community. Furthermore, he invited each institution to jointly

improve the results of this collaboration with useful innovations and appropriate solutions to face the dynamic development of society's needs.

K3TAB 2022 was attended by 14 heavy equipment engineering education institutions, more than previous year’s edition. Participants at the SMK level are SMKN 1 Lubuk Pakam, SMKN 2 Dumai, SMKN 1 Singosari, SMKN 2 Sumbawa Besar, SMKN 1 Balikpapan, SMKN 6 Samarinda, SMKN 1 Mimika and SMKN 3 Sorong. At the Polytechnic level, the participants are Padang State Polytechnic, Jakarta State Polytechnic, Bandung TEDC Polytechnic, Banjarmasin State Polytechnic, Samarinda State Polytechnic, and Ujung Pandang State Polytechnic.

In line with the latest developments of the health situation in Indonesia, this year's competition is hybridly held, online and offline, after the previous two years were being conducted online. Assessment aspects include Innovation Presentation, Knowledge Test, Practical Test, Teamwork, and Ethics. For offline activities, participants did a Practical Test at Trakindo's facilities, which are located in Training Center Cileungsi, Satellite Training Center (STC) Balikpapan, STC Banjarmasin, STC Makassar, and STC Tembagapura. Meanwhile, knowledge tests and innovation presentations are implemented online by a virtual meeting app.

Thanks to its advantages in the Engineering Knowledge and Engineering Skills categories, expert judges and practitioners chose SMKN 1 Balikpapan as the General Champion for the SMK level. Meanwhile, at the Polytechnic level, Padang State Polytechnic managed to become the overall champion after excelling in the Engineering Skills category.

Bagus Susandi, participant from Padang State Polytechnic said that their enthusiasm and teamwork were the reasons they could perform well. “Of course this is not the end of our efforts but the beginning for us to study harder for a bright future. Study hard, always keep trying, never give up, and of course the prayers of our parents are the keys for us to be champions,” said Bagus.

The list of K3TAB 2022 winners are:

Trakindo K3TAB 2022


Closing K3TAB 2022, Bari Hamami congratulated and encouraged the students who participated to continue to have the spirit of adaptive leadership, so that they can contribute greatly for the nation in the future. “A big thank you to the teachers, lecturers, and students who have been committed to the advancement of heavy equipment engineering. Always feel hungry for knowledge, be determined to always improve your ability and continue to develop yourself, learn from your friends, and never be satisfied. Let's continue this good synergy for the sake of advancing the quality of the nation's next generation," concluded Bari Hamami.

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