Through Trakindo Goes to Campus at Polsri, Trakindo Shares Insights to Help Students Prepare Their Career


PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), Cat® heavy equipment solutions provider in Indonesia, has always been committed to support the advancement of the education sector in Indonesia. This time, in collaboration with Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya (Polsri), Trakindo once again held Trakindo Goes to Campus (TGTC). This was the first TGTC in 2022 after in 2021 it was carried out 3 times in Surabaya, Makassar and Batam. Through this event, Trakindo shared experiences in the heavy equipment industry to the participants by providing an overview of the changes in the industrial sector due to the development of technology, and also assisting participants in preparing themselves and the skills needed before they become part of the industrial sector.

The theme of this TGTC is “Building the Technological Skills of the Future Workforce”. This activity was attended by around 400 students from the Department of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, particularly from Associate Degree of Civil Road and Bridge Engineering, Associate Degree of Electrical Engineering, Associate Degree of Production & Maintenance Mechanical Engineering, Associate Degree of Civil Engineering, Associate Degree of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Degree of Electrical Engineering, Associate Degree of Electronics Engineering, and were also attended by a number of teaching staff of POLSRI.

Reni Mailinar Vidyasiwi Azhar, Trakindo HR Manager for Sumatra Area tries to give an overview of HR needs that are not only needed in Trakindo but also in the general heavy equipment industry. “The industrial world nowadays is rapidly developing. The adoption of the latest automation technologies is changing the landscape of the world of work. These changes bring various challenges and we need to prepare ourselves well by preparing additional skills so that we can turn challenges into opportunities.”

Furthermore, Trakindo shared knowledge from industry needs to what skills are needed, so that the opportunities that exist due to rapid technological advances can be optimally utilized. It is to be hoped that this event could prepare students to face the challenges of the future, as well as broaden their horizons.

“What we learn in higher education and what we understand early in our careers can be very different in the next two years. Therefore, it is very important for us to have skills such as soft skills to support the knowledge and technical skills that we have learned previously,” said Reni Mailinar Vidyasiwi Azhar.

Additionally, Reni Mailinar Vidyasiwi Azhar also gave an overview of how Trakindo is taking steps to face this challenge. For Trakindo, HR is one of the key elements that greatly affects business performance. To that end, Trakindo also focuses on strengthening character education, as well as improving competence.

Faisal Muhdana, Branch Head of Trakindo Prabumulih who is an alumni of Polsri, revealed his experience about the importance of having soft skills in order to survive and grow. “The industrial sector continues to grow, starting from the application of technology, its standards, to customer expectations. Therefore, students need to cultivate the ability to be adaptive. By developing soft skills, hard skills will continue to grow along the time," said Faisal Muhdana.

Drs. Irawan Malik, MSME, Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Department of Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya, explained that current technological developments must be seen as opportunities and must be maximized as well. “Developments that occur in industry should not be faced with concerns, but rather should be faced with enthusiasm.

Every student needs to increase their knowledge and improve their technical abilities, and not to forget to hone characters who are adaptable, tough, willing to continuously learning, and ready to face what is in front of them,, so that they can answer the needs of the industrial sector and to become successors in their respective fields," explained Irawan. He also expressed his belief that every Polsri student is ready to face this challenge.

“This collaboration with Polsri is an embodiment of Trakindo's commitment in the field of education, especially vocational education by providing education and knowledge to students. In addition, this is also a manifestation of our spirit, ‘Advancing You Forward’, a commitment to advancing the capabilities and performance of all stakeholders, including students, in order to achieve long-term goals and success. This activity is expected to open up insights about careers and technology in the future, and motivate them to be able to make positive contributions to a better future," concluded Reni.

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