‘Trakindo Construction Day’ Discussion Encourages Synergy in Construction Work


Infrastructure development all over Indonesia continues to be encouraged to support equitable economic growth, including in North Sulawesi. Improving the quality of construction work is vital in order to gain optimal results; both in terms of occupational safety and health and the quality of the implementation. Realizing the importance of stakeholders’ support in reaching those goals, PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) held a discussion under the theme of “Construction Day” to encourage synergy that could improve the quality of construction work to international level.

Fanny Mamahit as Branch Manager Manado Trakindo explained that the “Construction Day” program is a part of Trakindo’s continuous commitment to keep contributing towards Indonesia’s national development. “Through ‘Trakindo Construction Day’ program, the stakeholders in construction industry can share information and discuss to seek for solutions that can actualize the synergy in implementing construction work,” Fanny said.

The “Trakindo Construction Day” Program is a platform that brings together stakeholders in construction industry to improve the quality of construction work to meet international standards. Cross-profession speakers were also present in each event, including the government, consultants, local contractors as well as Trakindo management as a provider of heavy equipment solutions Cat®. Following North Sulawesi, this event will also take place in two other cities, namely Solo and Medan.

Complementing Trakindo’s ongoing commitment in supporting customer progress and contributing to Indonesia’s development, Trakindo took this occasion to also introduce their latest yet best units to support construction work, including: CS11GC, 320GC, D6R, and CB2.7. Through the presentation of these products, Trakindo would like to convince their customers in North Sulawesi on the importance of choosing the suitable heavy equipment to fit the needs of the work. The introduction also explained about how technology advancement in heavy equipment can support achieving maximum work results.

At this event, variety of heavy equipment solutions were also presented, ranging from the various products that fit to carry out construction work, particularly road construction and maintenance; rental solution, as an alternative to increase production capacity; to a series of insights on improving the operator skills and capabilities.

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