Trakindo Holds K3tab 2021, Invites Students To Instill Tenacity To Face Challenges

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To welcome the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day (Hari Sumpah Pemuda), PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), the provider of Caterpillar heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, once again held the Heavy Equipment Engineering Skills Competency Competition (Kompetisi Kompetensi Keahlian Teknik Alat Berat/K3TAB). This annual national competition was attended by 6 State Vocational High Schools (SMKN) and 6 Polytechnics from the Heavy Equipment Engineering Study Program. SMKN 1 Singosari Malang and Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin won the K3TAB 2021 General Champion in the competition which was held in the first and second weeks of October 2021


With the theme “Resilient and Superior in Facing Challenges”, K3TAB 2021 was the 13th event for the Polytechnic and the 12th for the vocational school level. The implementation of K3TAB this year is even more special, because it is still a part of the 50th anniversary of Trakindo's dedication to work for Indonesia, as well as the commemoration of the 93rd Youth Pledge Day. With those spirits, it is hoped that participants can be inspired by the struggle of the previous generation to dedicate and present their best work for Indonesia.


In her speech at the K3TAB 2021’s Virtual Closing and Awarding Ceremony, Yulia Yasmina, Trakindo Chief Administration Officer stated that the implementation of K3TAB which was once again carried out online was an effort by Trakindo and participating educational institutions to demonstrate resilience in facing challenges and adaptability, as well as changing challenges into opportunity. “I see many creative initiatives carried out by the participants this year. I’m hoping that the innovations made in schools or colleges will not stop here, but will continue to be implemented and developed further. This is the embodiment of one of Trakindo's core values, namely Continuous Development," said Yulia Yasmina.


K3TAB is part of Trakindo's corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the Education Cooperation Program (CO-OP Trakindo), in collaboration with educational institutions in various regions in Indonesia. Since it was first held 13 years ago, K3TAB has also become a means of comparative study for each educational institution in improving the knowledge and skills of students in each educational institution, so that uniformity is obtained in the acceptance of the teaching and learning process and improving the quality of graduates majoring in Heavy Equipment Engineering from each educational institution. The goal is to support the next generation to have good education, skills and character, and are ready to become ready-to-work and qualified workforce.


In her report, Candy Sihombing, Corporate Communication & CSR Manager of Trakindo called this activity an opportunity to identify the abilities and potentials of students majoring in Heavy Equipment Engineering in relation to the readiness of students to enter the world of work. "In addition, this event can also be a place for students of the Heavy Equipment Engineering major who work together with Trakindo, to get inspiration and share ideas," said Candy Sihombing.


This activity which is a derivative of the CO-OP Program is considered in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). The CO-OP initiative from Trakindo was recognized by Kemendikbudristek through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology which emphasized how all parties with their roles could always work together for the advancement of the quality of the nation's next generation.

Yulia Yasmina herself called the educational institutions that collaborated with Trakindo in this activity as exemplary institutions and pilot institutions, and invited all of those institutions that collaborated to prove the quality of this CO-OP together by continuing to show great achievements.


K3TAB 2021 was attended by 12 heavy equipment engineering educational institutions. Participants at the SMK level are SMKN 1 Balikpapan, SMKN 1 Lubuk Pakam, SMKN 1 Singosari, SMKN 2 Dumai, SMKN 2 Sumbawa Besar, and SMKN 6 Samarinda. Meanwhile, at the Polytechnic level, there are Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin, Politeknik Negeri Samarinda, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Politeknik Bandung TEDC, Politeknik Negeri Padang, and Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang.


Categories contested this year include Innovation Presentation, Engineering Knowledge, and Engineering Skills. For the SMK level, this time the assessment was carried out with several schemes, ranging from virtual presentations of innovations, written exams, then online practical testing by giving work instructions to stuntmen. Meanwhile for the Polytechnic level, in addition to presentations and written exams, practical test is carried out using equipment, heavy equipment units, components and other supporting tools available at the participant's location while conveying the process to the jury online. After going through a series of careful assessments by expert judges and practitioners, 4 educational institutions managed to bring home the award from K3TAB 2021.


The list of K3TAB 2021 winners are:

K3TAB Winner


Closing the 2021’s K3TAB, Yulia Yasmina congratulated and advised the participating students to also continue to have a winning mentality, because it will be useful in the present and in the world of work later. "Instill souls who always feel hungry for knowledge, for self-development, are not easily satisfied, and have a high and strong fighting spirit to become skilled and adaptive workers to technological advances in the future," concluded Yulia.

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