Trakindo Launches Next Gen Excavator: Cat 320GC and Cat 320

Cat 320GC and Cat 320 Launch 1
Cat 320GC and Cat 320 Launch 2
Cat 320GC and Cat 320 Launch 3

Today's technology is growing rapidly, various innovations continue to be presented in order to provide convenience and meet the needs of today’s generation. These developments also contribute to advances in various fields, including in the heavy equipment industry. Committed to providing the best solution for customers, Trakindo launches the next generation (Next Gen) of hydraulic excavator: the Cat 320 GC and 320 which are equipped with a variety of future technologies.

David Freddynanto, Trakindo Chief Marketing Officer explains, “Innovation and continuous improvement is a reflection of the company's basic value to support customer progress. Through cutting-edge technologies that are applied to products and services, our customers will gain increased efficiency and productivity that positively impact on their competitiveness. The launch of Cat 320 GC and 320 Next Gen is part of Trakindo's commitment to providing the best solutions for customers, which are expected to contribute to the progress of Indonesia's economic growth.”

Currently, the government makes infrastructure development as one of the main priorities in promoting economic growth and national competitiveness, through sub-sectors such as connectivity, water and food security, housing, and settlement infrastructure. The 20-ton class hydraulic excavator is one of the most popular heavy equipments in infrastructure work because it has versatile functionality and is able to perform work in various fields.

Rozy Andrianto, General Manager Marketing of Forestry, Agriculture & Construction Trakindo says, “Cat 320 GC and 320 Next Gen that were introduced today are transformation from our mainstay 20 ton-hydraulic excavator. This latest generation products are equipped with various technologies that are designed to further increase work productivity, yet reduce operational costs. A variety of new and leading features are embedded to produce more accurate, reliable, efficient, world-quality work, by always prioritizing operator’s comfort and job security.”

Ivan Tulong, Chief Sales Officer of Trakindo explains that Trakindo has world-class facilities to guarantee customer satisfaction. “Our support network in more than 60 locations is ready to serve customers throughout Indonesia. Customers can also contact Trakindo Contact Center 1-500-228 (1-500-CAT) which operates 24 hours and is integrated with the Services Command Center. The launch of Cat 320 GC and 320 Next Gen is planned to be held in 5 other major cities in Indonesia. At each event, there is the Cat Experience Station area where customers can dig deeper into each of the advantages of the product. Through the launch of this latest product, we hope to always be the solution for customers who are innovative, and carry out sustainable development in achieving higher productivity. "


Cat 320 GC

This product is equipped with various technologies that can provide the best benefits in its class, more powerful, more agile, and fuel efficient. This product is optimal for use in light applications, construction, irrigation, and land clearing.

The Cat 320 GC is more powerful with the largest standard bucket capacity in its class, which is 1m3, making it has a stronger and more agile digging power, and results in faster cycle times. The technology embedded in the Cat 320 GC is also designed to have lower maintenance costs, which is down to 15% of its predecessor because of the longer maintenance intervals, and also the need for fewer parts and oil. Furthermore, this product is supported by various features such as SMART Mode technology that can make units operate on lower engine revolutions per minute (RPM), electro hydraulic technology and larger hydraulic pumps, and cooling fans that operated electronically.

Cat 320 GC's fuel consumption average drops by 20% from its predecessor, to 13 l/h. If in the first year the customer finds the average fuel consumption exceeds that number, the difference can be claimed to Trakindo and will be replaced in the form of spare parts voucher (as long as the usage is according to the provisions and monitored by the Product Link™ system).


Cat 320

This latest generation of the 320 series is equipped with future technology that can provide the best performance in its class, more productive, more accurate, yet saving operational costs. This product is optimally used on a longtime duration, and heavy duty utilization continuously.

The leading technology in Cat 320 invites customers to be able to increase work efficiency and accuracy up to 45%. The Cat Grade 2D helps operators do grading work, as well as cut and fill, faster and more precisely. The Cat Grade with Assist helps the movement of boom, stick & bucket which are automatically produce accuracy with minimum work, while the operator only determines depth and monitors slope. Cat Payload ensures the precise load count by providing accurate direct weighing information during the work process, thus helping to avoid overloading. The Cat 320 provides a fuel-efficient guarantee in the first year with an average consumption of 16 liters/hour.

Having the largest standard bucket capacity in the industry, which is 1.19 m3, the Cat 320 is also equipped with leading security features; E-fence will automatically stop the movement of excavators based on predetermined limits, this will also protect the operator from fatigue by reducing over-swinging and over-digging, as well as equipped with a rear camera that becomes standard feature to provide more visibility, not to mention an easier and safer daily maintenance process because it can be accessed at ground level (100% ground level daily maintenance).


Cat 426F2

Complementing Trakindo's ongoing commitment to supporting the customer's business progress, the latest Cat 426F2 backhoe loader was also launched at the same occassion. Putting forward productivity through operator’s work convenience, this product is equipped with wide cabin space, and a variety of technologies that make it easy to operate. The efficiency of supply chain makes Cat 426F2 has competitive price with world-class quality.

Load-sensing, closed-center and flow-sharing hydraulic systems that are carried in this product make it more efficient in using fuel while being able to work optimally with high loading and digging capacity. This product is also designed to facilitate access to maintenance points. While the standard differential lock feature optimizes traction in various fields. Not to be missed, Cat 426F2 is also connected to Product Link™ technology that monitors important information about the working conditions of the tool remotely.

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