Trakindo received “Impact on Result” award from Customer Event Excellence Challenge by Caterpillar


PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) has received an award in the “Impact on Result” category from the Customer Event Excellence Challenge held by Caterpillar. The event, which was held for the first time by Caterpillar, is open to any Caterpillar and any Cat Dealership event that targets customers for any Caterpillar brand.

Customer Event Excellence Challenge is an event held by Caterpillar to build emotional connections with the Cat brands and it also offers a platform to the worldwide community of Caterpillar events professionals and encourages the sharing of best practice. There 4 (four) categories for the events; Excellent Execution, Creativity & Innovation, The Game Changer, and Impact on Result.

Nominated participants were selected by an expert panel made up of Caterpillar marketing experts from around the globe with nine scoring criteria, such as teamwork, employee engagement, creativity, and communication. Trakindo through Trakindo Roadshow and Global Operator Challenge has won the Impact on Result category with a total score of 767. Trakindo is considered to be able to hold events that are well thought out, also the target group and results are clearly described.

Through this award, Trakindo is encouraged to continually elevate our services and provide the best experience for our customers in every situation.

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