Trakindo Strives to Improve the Educational Development Chain at the Junior High School Level

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PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), provider of Cat® heavy equipment in Indonesia, reaffirmed its commitment to education in Indonesia. After successfully strengthening continuous education at the elementary, vocational, and higher education levels, this year through Gerakan Transformasi Edukasi (Generasi) Trakindo SMP/Trakindo Junior High School Education Transformation Movement, an educational program that reaches the junior high school level was initiated. Generasi Trakindo development program at the junior high school level was launched nationally in Malang, located at SMP Negeri 2 Singosari. It is hoped that through this program, Trakindo can contribute to continuing education programs from elementary to university levels.

Speaking at the launching of Generation Trakindo SMP (23/08), Yulia Yasmina, Trakindo's Chief Administration Officer appreciated the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum by the government which has a mission to create Indonesian students who have superior competencies in accordance to future challenges. “To make it a success, it needs support from various sectors, including the business sector in making it happen. For this reason, Trakindo organizes the Generasi Trakindo program at the junior high school level as a tangible form of our efforts to facilitate and actualize the plan of proud students of Indonesia, so that they are ready to undergo a good education and become excellent talents in the future," said Yulia Yasmina.

To date, Trakindo has been actively contributing to the world of education at various levels, starting from elementary level (SD) through Generasi Trakindo SD and at its peak through Trakindo Innovakids with as many as 30 elementary schools throughout Indonesia, as well as the Education Cooperation Program (CO-OP Trakindo), in collaboration with 8 educational institutions at the SMK level and 6 Heavy Equipment Polytechnics that are in line with the LINK & MATCH program of the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as several universities in Indonesia. Now, to complete the development chain, this year Generasi Trakindo at the junior high school level (SMP) has been started.

Generasi Trakindo SMP carries the theme "Development of Schools to Drive Educational Change Based on Character Strengthening, Life Skills, and Career Readiness to Create a Competitive Work-Ready Generation", and is implemented as a medium term program plan until 2025. In the initial stage, 5 junior high schools will begin to receive coaching in 2022, namely SMP Negeri 1 Lubuk Pakam in Deli Serdang Regency, SMP Negeri 5 Balikpapan, SMP Negeri 11 Samarinda, SMP Negeri 1 Maluk in West Sumbawa Regency and SMP Negeri 2 Singosari in Malang Regency. Furthermore, an additional 5 new junior high schools will start the program in 2023.

“The objectives that we want to achieve are to increase leadership capacity and school governance, improve the quality of school learning, increase school collaboration with industry, as well as improve good practices and their application for sustainability and expansion of program benefits, "said Yulia Yasmina.

Generasi Trakindo SMP is a medium term program with a duration of three years, starting from 2022 to 2025. In the first year, Trakindo and partner schools will jointly develop and implement capacity building for school governance in the application of strengthening character education, life skills, and career readiness; introduction of the Merdeka Curriculum and students with Pancasila profile; designing, implementing, and assessing project-based learning (PjBL); production of videos for PjBL learning media, introduction to the world of careers by counseling teachers and Trakindo; meet the driving teacher and meet the students.

Entering the second year, Trakindo and partner schools began to review the implementation of the first year program and design the second year program; designing and implementing inquiry or discovery-based learning; carry out authentic assessments in the Merdeka Curriculum; conduct workshops; developing good practice popular writing; and on this year's occasion Trakindo will also provide additional materials for the new junior high school partners in the form of project-based learning and video production for PjBL teaching materials; as well as re-implementing driving teacher meetings and student meetings.

In the third year, Trakindo and partner school will design and implement challenge-based learning; developing student journals for ePortfolios; utilizing online tools for multimedia creation to improve students' creative and communication skills; problem solving and public communication through “Pitch Your Idea” program; production and publication of good practice videos; as well as teacher mobilization meetings and student meetings in the third year.

Bambang Dwi Yudo Leksono, Principal of SMP Negeri 2 Singosari, welcomed Trakindo’s initiative. “Through Merdeka Curriculum, teachers can choose various teaching tools so that learning can be in accordance with the needs and interests of students. Curriculum implementation by schools is directed at achieving student competence, including in special conditions. The last Covid-19 pandemic was one of the special conditions that caused learning losses in the achievement of student competencies. To overcome learning loss, schools require learning recovery. This is where Generasi Trakindo has a role, to help schools accelerate recovery and build equal standardization between schools, and between students,” said Bambang Dwi Yudo Leksono.

"We hope through Generasi Trakindo SMP, it will produce people who have good competence and knowledge, as well as good character, because we believe knowledge is power, but character is more," concluded Yulia Yasmina.

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