Trakindo Supports Indonesia’s Domestic Connectivity by Launching the Latest Cat® 120 Motor Grader


Domestic connectivity is one of the most important aspects in supporting economic growth. Infrastructure development that aims to link growth poles with other regions should be supported by high-quality road access. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), the Caterpillar heavy equipment solution provider, introduce the latest generation of its motor grader product, Cat 120, that is reliable yet fuel-efficient in road construction works, with lower maintenance cost.

Conrad Henry Panjaitan, Southern Kalimantan Area Prime Product Sales Manager Trakindo explained that motor grader is one of the heavy equipments with long history that has been produced by Caterpillar since 1931. “The utilization of motor graders in road construction has been on demand since 1911, and since then, Caterpillar continuously developing and improving the product up to this day. Relying to its long experience and advanced expertise, Trakindo believe that Cat 120 can further support the progress of its customer while improving the quality of road constructions, especially in Banjarmasin area,” Conrad said.

Motor grader is a heavy equipment that has an important role in road construction and maintenance work. The use of motor graders in road construction work will provide more convenient in forming and adjusting the surface slope, as well as preventing it from pooling in the middle. The presence of Cat 120 in South Kalimantan is expected to play a major role in the development of regional connectivity infrastructure projects that connect Banjarmasin as a gateway for economic activities to other cities.

Hendra Suryana, Banjarmasin Region Manager Trakindo said, “Banjarmasin is a highly potential region, especially in terms of road construction which certainly needs to be supported by the proper heavy equipment, such as the Cat 120. Furthermore, Trakindo is always committed in supporting customers’ operational in unit service and maintenance. Facilities in the South Kalimantan area consist of Services Command Center, Large Machine Bays, Engine & Component Bays, Engine Dynotest, Transmission & Hydraulic Test Bench, Satellite Training Center, Warehouse Spare Parts and technicians who are always ready to help customers.”


CAT 120

This product is the latest generation from its predecessor which has been improved based on customer needs. CAT 120 is equipped with various advantaging features; the C7.1 machine equipped with Eco-Mode, making it more fuel-efficient up to 15%, Direct Drive Transmission, and Circle Drive Slip Clutch features to make it more reliable. The operator’s work in comfort is also taken into consideration; latest generation of cabin design to give maximum comfort and to increase productivity of the operator.

The latest generation filtration system also makes the replacement interval longer to lower maintenance costs up to 15%. The filter is placed in a centralized location, grouped for easy access, to ease the customers in quick maintenance.

The Cat 120 is firstly launched and introduced at the Trakindo Roadshow 2020 event in Banjarmasin. Trakindo Roadshow aims to get closer with customers from various industries as well as to facilitate the customers in getting the best products, services, and solutions from Trakindo. The attending customers are provided with complete information related to the capabilities and support provided by Trakindo. Various interesting offers were given that include purchasing, renting and selling used equipment units and parts, also other services. The Trakindo Roadshow 2020 is planned to cover the western regions up to the eastern regions of Indonesia in 6 cities including Banjarmasin, Makassar, Palembang, Samarinda, Medan, and Pontianak.

In order to provide the best service for customers, Trakindo also has world-class facilities to ensure the convenience of its loyal customers. Trakindo's support network located in more than 60 locations is ready to serve customers throughout Indonesia. Customers can also contact Trakindo Contact Center 1-500-228 (1-500-CAT) which operates 24 hours and is integrated with Services Command Center.

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