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Safety, Health & Environment


Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) issues have always been of the utmost concern to us at Trakindo. The company is highly committed to implementing SHE practices, policies and procedures that fully comply at all times with relevant legislation and regulations. We at Trakindo believe that performing SHE culture means protecting the workers, environment and society, while optimizing the company’s operational productivity at the same time.

Trakindo SHE Pillars

Safe Operation

Employees’ awareness and the management’s full support are the key to the company’s safe operation. At Trakindo, employees are considered as asset, to whom attention is always given, whose lives and health are protected. Based on that, Trakindo has put SHE as the main approach in creating healthy and safe work place.


Employee's health is highly related to their productivity. As an effort to promote healthy work environment and demonstrate our commitment to our employees’ health, Trakindo regularly performs training and socialization about general health and healthy work environment.

Green Company

Trakindo is also committed to protecting the environment by preventing pollution from waste, emissions and discharges impacted by our operations.

Related Information

Trakindo QSHE Policy

Trakindo is committed to achieve the highest possible standards of performance in the field of Quality and Safety, Health & Environment (QSHE) Management System, including Operational Safety, across its work areas. Trakindo will always use QSHE Management System as the first priority to improve operational performance in all areas of work.


Trakindo complies with international standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. This performance shows the company’s commitment in giving protection to the employees, and demonstrates its responsibilities towards the environment.


Trakindo is also commited to the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the work place and has been working with Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS (IBCA).