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Life At Trakindo


We are engineers, connectors, achievers and innovators!

At Trakindo we always try our best to create a worthwhile and challenging work environment that will unleash the employees’ potential while in the same time allows them to build their career in flying colors.

We give you opportunities to discover your potential in any areas that you are interested in, at our more than 60 workplaces throughout Indonesia.

At Trakindo we are committed to living with our core values everyday. Continuous Development is one of Trakindo’s core values and along with this, Trakindo provides training and development to continuously improve the effectiveness of individuals to be the leader in order to support the Company’s performance.

Being in the industry since 1970, Trakindo has been known as one of the experts. That’s why if you come here and meet our people that come from diverse societies across Indonesia, you will easily realize that Trakindo is one of the best employers and become industry standard for years. Everyone here has the equal opportunity to contribute and make a difference. Here in Trakindo, we believe the sky is no longer the limit!

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Highly engaged and talented people with integrity will make a difference, no doubt about it. So, we in Trakindo pipeline individual aspiration with possible career destination. This is creating a productive encouraging environment with huge potential on the horizon.

We consistently enhance ways to define, discover, develop and deploy our Key Talents to mutually reach our huge goals.

In Trakindo, we view your career as a partnership. We encourage you to pursue your interest and goals because when you work on things that you are passionate about, then everyone got the benefits.

We encourage you not only to take on new projects, roles and responsibilities, we also support your personal development through various training and development programs.



As a world class Caterpillar dealer, we ensure our technical know how on CAT® product and solution is keeping up with the latest knowledge. We have complete range of CAT® related product training available to support business requirement.



We have integrated development program for all streams:

Service and Operation, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Capital and Admin, and Innovation to help everyone master their area of expertise and deliver their best.


Leadership & Management

Trakindo has been successfully developing remarkable leaders. Our leaders lead by example based on the Company's core values, robust knowledge and experience; hence inspire the employees to do their best.

The Leadership Development Program supports and cultivates leadership at every level within the organization so as to ensure that the tradition of outstanding leadership in the Company is maintained. The program brings together future leaders from our branches throughout Indonesia and equipped them with the skills they need to be an inspiring leader. 


Soft Skill

We complete our employee’s competencies with soft skill trainings required to induce highest standards of professionalism, ethics and performance excellence. Because we believe that "Knowledge is power but character is more".

Trakindo provides attractive compensation and benefit. You will have opportunities to grow and set up your own destiny and dream. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Competitive compensation and benefit packages;
  • Appreciation and recognition for year of service;
  • Competitive medical benefit scheme including annual medical check up;
  • Opportunity to have career exposure across Indonesia.