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552 Series 2

  • 552 Series 2 - Track Feller Bunchers
  • 552 Series 2 - Track Feller Bunchers
  • 552 Series 2 - Track Feller Bunchers

552 Series 2

The Series 2 track feller bunchers feature smoother hydraulic performance, better fuel economy, a more comfortable operator station and better visibility. The Cat® 552 Series 2 is a full tail swing machine designed for high production clear cut and for clear or select cut in rough terrain. It is also a leveling machine for more comfort on steep terrain.

Tractive Effort
47174 kg


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Built for power, reliability, and fuel efficiency

Powerful Performance

The Cat® C9 electronically controlled ACERT™ engine delivers power while meeting all current U.S. EPA emission standards. All models contain a fuel/water separator, engine air intake heater and a dual-stage combination air cleaner with precleaner.

High Capacity Cooling System

The side-by-side radiator/oil cooler gives excellent cooling capacity for high production bunching and harvesting. On-demand Flexxaire fan activates only when required and allows the cooling fan to purge debris from the radiator area, keeping a cleaner cooling system. The IQAN control system automatically adjusts the Flexxaire fan blade angle, reducing horsepower demand and lowering fuel consumption. The purge cycle frequency and duration can be set by operator in the cab to suit varying application conditions.

Engine Oil

Cat engine oil is formulated to optimize engine life and performance and is recommended for use in Cat diesel engines. Extended oil change intervals reduce maintenance and machine downtime.


The clamshell engine compartment provides easy access to all filters, oil dipstick, coolant reservoir, hydraulic fill pump, valves and hoses reducing maintenance time.­­

Low Exhaust Emissions

The Cat C9 ACERT engine is a low emission engine designed to meet U.S. EPA emission regulations.

Powerful hydraulic system combined with a powerful boom and stick maximize productivity

Electric Hydraulic Oil fill Pump

An easy accessible service wand allows hydraulic oil to be pumped through the hydraulic filtering system and into the tank. This reduces maintenance downtime and helps to maintain oil cleanliness requirements.

Variable Displacement Pump

All Cat FTS Series 2 track feller bunchers are equipped with variable displacement pumps for travel and implement functions and a dedicated variable displacement pump for felling attachments. Optional hydraulics for dangle harvesting or processor heads and intermittent saw heads are available for all models.

Valve Design Flexibility

Two hydraulic implement valves are available to allow configuration of machine to operate various felling heads. Valve designs allow maximizing of machine multi-functioning performance. Valve 1) Felling heads requiring high flow 170-190 L/min (45-50 gpm) to the grab and accumulator arms. Typically have one cylinder operating each arm, two cylinders per arm set. Valve 2) Felling heads requiring low flow 110-120 L/min (29-32 gpm) to operate grab and accumulator arms. Typically one hydraulic cylinder and a link arm activate the arm set. Note: Consult the work tool manufacturer for flow requirements before selecting one of the above Hydraulic Arrangements.

Cat Hydraulic Oil

Provides maximum protection against mechanical and corrosive wear in all hydraulic systems. It’s high zinc content reduces wear, and extends pump life. Biodegradable hydraulic oil (HEES) is also available from your Cat dealer and provides an environmentally-sound alternative to mineral based oils.

ToughGuard™ Hoses

Abrasion resistant hoses along the boom and stick provide strength and flexibility. The ToughGuard cover consists of a thin layer of UHMW polyethylene bonded to the rubber cover, providing exceptional abrasion resistance.

Superior comfort and visibility

Operator Comfort

The operator station is designed with conveniently placed joysticks and an ergonomically designed air ride seat, reducing operator fatigue and providing easy operation. An HVAC system with updated air ducts provides better cooling and heating. A large side window with side screen allows fresh air into the cab, and an isolated mounted cab and engine reduces sound levels and vibration for a quiet and comfortable operator environment. Ergonomically located pedals with side-by-side foot rests provide operator comfort while operating machine travel.


The cab design optimizes post structures and window placement to provide excellent operator visibility to front, sides and rear. A large polycarbonate skylight provides excellent upward visibility.


The standard 32 mm (1.25 in) thick “margard” front window maximizes operator protection. All purpose built forestry cabs are designed with heavy-duty guarding, meeting FOPS/ROPS/OPS/WCB, OR-OSHA requirements. The skylight provides an alternate escape hatch.


The IQAN MD3 display allows the operator to continuously monitor the operating system of the machine. The monitor has been downsized slightly to improve the operator’s line of sight out the right front corner of the cab. The IQAN control system allows the operator to adjust control parameters, maximizing performance and productivity.

Electrical System

Series 2 track feller bunchers feature a 24-volt electrical system with an in-cab 24-12 volt converter, dual in-cab 12 volt power points and one 24 volt power point. Power is provided by two 12 volt maintenance free batteries and 95 amp alternator. An optional cold weather starting attachment may be selected to provide two additional batteries, an HD starter and HD cables.

Other Features:

• Large storage compartment area behind the seat provides sufficient room for a lunch box, hard hat and work tools

Stability and comfort in steep slope conditions

Tilt Mechanism

With the most robust tilt mechanism in the industry, the 552 Series 2 tilter has a patented 3-cylinder tilt mechanism with simultaneous forward and side-by-side tilting. Trunnion cylinders are mounted on 51 mm (2 in) steel plates and transfer vertical loads down to the interface of the track frames and carbody, putting the load into the track and ground.


A three-cylinder tilt mechanism features simultaneously 21 degree forward tilt and 11 degree side-to-side tilt.

Ground Clearance

FTS machines have excellent ground clearance and open carbody design. This provides increased mobility by eliminating interference with large stumps, rocks or other obstacles encountered in rugged working conditions.

Heavy duty forestry undercarriage

Travel Motor

The proven final drives and travel motors provide up to 47 174 kg (104,000 lb) of tractive effort on the 552 Series 2, giving excellent traction and power to the ground.

Track Guards

All models feature full length bolt-on track guards to maximize shoe support in all types of terrain.


The 552 Series 2 model features a bolted track frame to carbody design. This provides a standard gauge width, or allows adjustment to a wide gauge width to improve machine stability, and increase productivity on steep slope applications. The carbody design provides maximum ground clearance and a smooth under-surface to resist snagging on debris or large obstacles. The precision welded, high-wide carbody has strong frames that reduce flexing and increase the durability of rollers and track links throughout the life of the machine.

Carrier Rollers

This FTS Series 2 model offers a choice of either standard single flange carrier rollers for moderate terrain and warm climates or star carrier rollers for severe terrain and cold climate applications. Nine bottom rollers per side.

Maximum reach and lift capability

The 552 Series 2 track feller buncher dominates in lift capacity over competitors in its size class. With market leading lift capacity, reach and tight stick tuck-in capabilities, this machine delivers high performance. Optional long and short feller buncher configurations are available and offer the same high performance.

Work tool attachments to meet your needs


From plantation thinning to select cut of large diameter wood, Cat felling attachments provide reliable productive felling solutions. These range in cut capacity from 572 mm (22.5 in) to 620 mm (24.4 in). Designed to allow maximum visibility of the cutting area, all saws utilize high pressure hydraulics for fast saw recovery and quick arm speed. This provides a positive impact on production and better tree control.


All models are available with a Cat 40 degree partial lateral tilt, or new 330 degree full lateral tilt.

Maximum efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources

The FTS Series 2 track feller bunchers are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources. The C9 ACERT engine meets all current U.S. EPA emission standards The IQAN control system automatically adjusts the Flexxaire fan blade angle, reducing horsepower demand and lowering fuel consumption. Major structures and components are built to be rebuilt, reducing waste and replacement costs.

Easy servicing and extended service intervals

Extended Service Intervals

Caterpillar service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time, increase machine availability and reduce operating costs. Hydraulic oil change intervals can be extended from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours. Engine coolant change intervals are 12,000 hour with Cat Extended Life Coolant/Anti-freeze. Regularly scheduled maintenance extends machine service life and lowers overall operating costs. 500-hour oil change interval reduces overall maintenance costs.

Flexxaire Fan

Standard Flexxaire fan operates only when required and allows the cooling fan to purge debris from the radiator area, reducing cleaning maintenance time. The purge cycle frequency and duration can be set by operator in the cab to suit varying application conditions.

Clam-Shell Service Doors

The hydraulically actuated clam-shell service doors on both sides of machine provide easy and quick access, reducing maintenance downtime.

Count on your Cat dealer

Caterpillar is known the world over for the quality of customer support from its dealer network - the industry’s best. No matter where you are, the expertise of a Cat dealer is always nearby. Your local Cat dealer is your forestry consultant who can recommend the machines, work tools and services to maximize your operation and provide the support to keep you at top productivity. 24-hour parts availability, where and when you need them, to minimize expensive downtime Remanufactured parts that carry the same warranty as new parts at a reduced cost Operator training to get the most out of your Cat equipment Field services to provide on-site help when needed Timely repair and replacement services Customer Support Agreements to lower your operating costs State-of-the-art diagnostic programs, such as S·O·SSM oil analysis, inspection services and trend reporting to help avoid unscheduled repairs Financing programs for buying, renting or leasing Cat equipment Cat® Access Account, a fast and convenient way to pay for or rent anything offered at any Cat dealer or The Cat Rental Store Cat Insurance to cover equipment losses from theft, collision, flood, upset or overturn, fire, vandalism and more Product Link to manage your equipment fleet through remote monitoring Cat Certified Rebuild to get a second life from your equipment For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit

Dibangun untuk tenaga, keandalan, dan efisiensi bahan bakar

Kinerja Mumpuni

Engine C9® ACERT™ yang dikontrol secara elektronik memasok daya serta memenuhi semua standar emisi standar emisi EPA AS. Semua model dilengkapi separator bahan bakar/air, heater pemasukan udara engine, dan air cleaner kombinasi dua tingkat dengan precleaner.

Dibangun untuk tenaga, keandalan, dan efisiensi bahan bakar

Dibangun untuk tenaga, keandalan, dan efisiensi bahan bakar

Dibangun untuk tenaga, keandalan, dan efisiensi bahan bakar


Standard Equipment
Gross Power 226 kW
Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™ Tier 3
Gross Power - 1,800 rpm 226 kW
Standard Equipment
Maximum Reach - With Attachment 8.6 m
Standard Equipment
Pumps Pumps
Standard Equipment
Cooling System 61 l
Engine Oil 39 l
Hydraulic Tank 323 l
Hydraulic System 370 l
Swing Drive 10 l
Fuel Capacity 1181 l
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight - Without Attachment 35816 kg
Operating Weight - Without Heads*** 36124 kg
Operating Weight - Without Heads* 35816 kg
Standard Equipment
Track Feller Bunchers - Standard Linkage 35816 kg
Track Feller Bunchers - Long Felling Linkage 36124 kg
Standard Equipment
Displacement 8.8 l
Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™
Gross Power - 1,800 rpm 226 kW
Rated Power - 2,100 rpm 210.3 kW
Standard Equipment
Maximum Reach - With Head* 8.6 m
Bare Pin Lift at Maximum Reach - Without Head*** 7700 kg @ 8.2 m (16,900 lb @ 27 ft)
Bare Pin Lift at Maximum Reach - Without Head* 9400 kg @ 6.6 m (21,800 lb @ 21.5 ft)
Standard Equipment
Tractive Effort 47174 kg
Size/Pitch 345 HD/215.9 mm (345 HD/8.5 in)
Ground Clearance 889 mm
Track Length 4903 mm
Track Gauge 2591 mm-2870 mm (102 in-113 in)
Standard Equipment
Cab Standards