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  • 6020B - Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • 6020B - Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • 6020B - Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • 6020B - Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • 6020B - Hydraulic Mining Shovels
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You need a shovel that works. A simple, durable digger that gets the job done efficiently and safely. The Cat 6020B is engineered from the ground up with ease of use in mind. It's easy to assemble, easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to maintain. So you can concentrate on running a safe, productive operation. The new Cat 6020B. It's not complicated.

Engine Output -
776 kW
Bucket Payload
21.6 t
Operating Weight
230.2 t
Specifications shown above apply to a Backhoe configuration. A frontless configuration is also available.
CVA Bucket

Hydraulic Mining Shovel CVA Bucket Conversion

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Protecting and Supporting Your Most Important Asset: the Operator

Optimizing Operator Situational Awareness with Class-leading Cab Visibility

Direct view of tracks, while seated in the operator’s station, via floor window for safe and easy machine repositioning and underfoot obstacle avoidance.Safe machine positioning and truck loading via large windshield and side windows.Multiple strategically positioned and high-powered LED lights for maximum illumination of the digging area in dark conditions.Heavy-duty wiper ensures good visibility in inclement weather conditions.

Supporting Peak Operator Performance with Enhanced Training Capability

First in class and patented three-seat design with unobstructed view of digging environment from all seats.Elevated observer’s work station, positioned behind the operator seat, provides space for a laptop and great visibility of the operator station and the digging environment.Dual in-cab E-stop button easily accessible from both trainer seats and operator station.

Maximizing Operator Alertness and Effectiveness with Leading Comfort Features

Extremely quiet and fully pressurized cab environment.Ergonomic operator seat and controls with armrest adaptable to operator preference.10 inch touch-screen display includes troubleshooting aids and machine documentation.Extensive in-cab air distribution via powerful HVAC unit and multiple, optimally positioned, vents.Cab module supported with rubber mounts for shock absorption.Electro-servo control system ensures no hydraulic lines are present in the cab for a clean, quiet, and odorless environment.

Reliable Performance from an Efficient, Clean, and Serviceable System

Fuel Savings as a Result of Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency

More efficient hydraulic pump utilization, reduced energy losses, and increased fuel savings are realized with our innovative, patent-pending dedicated pump-flow allocation technology.

Additional fuel savings resulting from boom float feature, improving energy efficiency.

Straightforward and Safe System Maintenance

Providing easier access for service and de-cluttering of the mainframe, the hydraulic valve block is mounted on the boom.

Consistent Oil Cleanliness for Dependable Hydraulic System Performance

The hydraulic system design has been optimized for peak performance and reliability.Machine comes equipped with standard high-pressure and return oil filtration.A separate kidney loop provides continuous filtration and optimum oil cleanliness at all times, supporting the hydraulic system.

Efficient Oil Cooling for Extended Component Life

Protect and Extend the Life of Your Hydraulic Components and Seals

Providing an efficient means of cooling, particularly in demanding applications, our unique independent oil cooling system will extend the life of your hydraulic shovel’s components.

More Efficient Oil Cooling

Our system is independent of return oil, achieving efficiency through the utilization of dedicated pumps that provide cooling capacity as needed, whether the engine is idling or under load. That means optimum oil temperature is being maintained, even while your operator waits for the next truck to load. Competitive hydraulic shovels only provide cooling when the machine is working and the engine is under load.

Additional efficiency is achieved via:Variable oil flowVariable fan speed

Optimal Oil Temperature Maintained

Our unique independent oil cooling system ensures that system operating temperatures remain within the optimal operating viscosity range at all times.

Operate with Confidence

Enhanced Control Response and Optimized Hydraulic Engine Load Management

Help your team meet productivity and performance standards with our intuitive, informative on-board electronics.

Electro-hydraulic Servo Control

Enhanced Control Response Resulting in Increased Operator Comfort – The system relays actuating signals from the joysticks, delivering load independent and precise machine reactions that reduce operator fatigue.Increased Up-time – Up-time is increased as a result of simplified troubleshooting and advanced diagnostic capabilities.Clean and Quiet Cab Environment – No hydraulic lines are present in the cab or the cab module, ensuring a clean, odorless arrangement with less noise.

Control and Monitoring Platform (CAMP)

Reduced Control System Inventory – Streamlined system requires only two controllers for all functions (i.e., drive train and servo).Less Fuel Consumption – Both engine and hydraulic pumps work in optimal range of performance during the entire digging cycle, reducing fuel burn.

Designed with Your Safety as Our Top Priority

Sharing your commitment to safety, and driven by our commitment to Zero Harm, we work tirelessly to design the safest machines possible to protect your most important asset; your employees.

Some examples of the safety-enhancing features of the Cat 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel include the following:

Operator Environment

Optimized operator situational awareness and safe machine positioning/truck-loading via class leading cab visibility.Safe training environment facilitated by unobstructed view of digging environment and accessibility of E-stop button from both seat belt equipped trainer seats.FOPS certified cab with safety glass windshield.Cab equipped with emergency hammer for quick escape and ready access to emergency ladder.

Machine Access

Safe access to shovel via retractable 45° stairway.Safe access to power module components from machine platform and counterweight.Safe movement about the machine via wide and slip-resistant walkways, limited walkway elevation changes (steps up/down), and minimized trip hazards.Quick exit from machine during emergency facilitated by three means of egress.

Sound Suppression

Excellent power module and cab sound suppression system to protect operators and service personnel.

Electrical System

Safe electrical maintenance facilitated by lockable battery isolation and starter lockout switch.

Emergency Shut-offs

Multiple emergency stop buttons strategically located around machine for immediate engine shut-down, including a pull switch accessible from the ground.

Service Friendly for Greater Uptime

Designed to Start Producing Almost Immediately Upon Arrival on Site

The modular design of the 6020B facilitates quick field assembly. The average assembly time in typical conditions is 14 days; however, similar assembly times were achieved with pilot machines assembled at –30° C (–22° F).

Reduced Downtime Due to Exchangeable Power Module

Our exchangeable power module, which contains the most vital machine operating systems, can be quickly removed and replaced with a spare power module to increase machine uptime.

This capability also allows for transporting of the power module away from the production area to allow service and repair in a safe, convenient, and clean environment.

Service Friendly, with Unparalleled In-class Component Accessibility

The 6020B was designed to be easily serviced and maintained:Exceptional component accessibility and weather protection via first-in-class and spacious walk-through power module.Superior swing system component accessibility via boom-mounted hydraulic valve block.Ground-level accessible service fluid fill points and jump start receptacle.Automatic centralized lubrication system.24 hour non-stop machine operation capability.Extensive troubleshooting capability via hydraulic service ports.Streamlined maintenance and parts availability with integrated Cat components.

Seamless Dealer Support

A Single Source for All Service and Maintenance Needs

With the use of Cat components throughout, you can rest assured that your local Cat dealer is your most knowledgeable and trusted single source for your 6020B service and maintenance needs. Cat dealer expert technicians have the unique knowledge, experience, training, and tooling necessary to fully support your 6020B hydraulic shovel, no matter the need or where your site is located.

Continued Support throughout the Life of Your 6020B

Consistent with any piece of Cat equipment, the 6020B is designed and built to provide maximum productivity, capability and operating economy throughout its working life. To help you meet these performance levels with your 6020B, Cat dealers offer a wide range of service plans that maximize uptime and return on your investment, including:Preventative maintenance programsDiagnostic programs, such as scheduled oil sampling and technical analysisRebuild and reman optionsCustomer support agreementsAnd although the 6020B is designed for easy operation, your Cat dealer can arrange training programs to help your operators improve productivity, increase uptime, reduce operating costs, and enhance safety.

No One Knows Your 6020B Hydraulic Shovel Better

The vast majority of Cat dealers across the globe have supported our line of hydraulic shovels for over a decade, so they are uniquely equipped to optimize the performance of your 6020B with their unmatched Cat hydraulic shovel expertise. This expertise includes a deep understanding of how the 6020B is best applied and utilized in all types of applications, so they can take your site-specific factors into account to help lower your operating and maintenance costs.

Parts Available When You Want Them

Receiving 6020B parts from your local Cat dealer is streamlined through the optimized use of Cat components, integrated part numbers, and stocking of parts in local Caterpillar warehouses. Your 6020B will be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by a worldwide network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers, and technical training facilities to keep it up and running at peak performance levels.

Move More Material with Optimal Pass Match Pairings

Achieve Targeted Loading/Hauling Production with Perfectly Paired Cat Hydraulic Shovels and Mining Trucks

For full truck payloads with minimum loading time, an efficient loading/hauling system begins with an optimized equipment match. Cat hydraulic shovels are matched with Cat mining trucks to maximize volume of material moved at the lowest operating cost per ton.

The 6020B was designed to be an optimal pass-match with our popular 777 Series off-highway truck. It is also capable of pairing with the 785 Series mining truck, where applicable.

Simple and Reliable System Supported Seamlessly

Simple and Cost-effective Single Engine Concept

When we asked you what design features you desired most from a 200 metric ton (220 short ton) size class hydraulic backhoe, a single-engine platform was a top request. We listened by designing the 6020B with a single C32 ACERT engine for reliable performance and simple and cost effective service when needed.

Reliable Cat C32 ACERT Engine

Delivering durable, reliable power that will keep your 6020B producing, the C32 ACERT has proven its ability to perform in harsh mining conditions throughout the world. Offering low operating costs, and supported 24/7 by your local Cat dealer, the C32 ACERT will help you achieve your production and profitability targets, reliably.

ACERT Technology

The development of ACERT Technology began with the search for a better way to reduce diesel engine emissions, and culminated in a revolutionary engine design breakthrough that burns fuel more precisely than ever before. Lower combustion temperatures reduce emissions and prolong the life of lighter, more power-dense engine platforms. It also varies the injection timing based on factors like engine load and speed for optimum performance under a wide range of operating conditions, including mining.

Worldwide Cat Engine Support

Our engines are only as good as the service and support that stand behind them. Highly trained and experienced service technicians at your local Cat dealership are ready with whatever you need, wherever and whenever you need it. They know the Cat C32 ACERT engine inside and out, so they can promptly diagnose issues and keep your 6020B running at peak performance.

Evolving Your Mine for Greater Safety and Productivity

Helping You Enhance Safety and Productivity through Technology

Aimed at enhancing the productivity and profitability of your 6020B hydraulic mining shovel, we currently offer a combination of Cat MineStar System offerings and Cat hydraulic mining shovel technology solutions.

Cat MineStar System

Helping you achieve your goals for enhanced mine site safety, improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and greater profitability, the Cat MineStar System provides the most comprehensive suite of mining technology products in the industry. It consists of a number of configurable capability sets – Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health, and Command – that allow you to scale the system to your mine site needs. Cat MineStar System helps you manage everything from material tracking to sophisticated real-time fleet management, machine health systems, autonomous equipment, and more.

The Cat 6020B is “MineStar ready”, offering MineStar Health as a fully integrated option, as well as the Fleet, Terrain, and Detect as retrofit options.Health – Health delivers critical event-based machine condition and operating data for your entire fleet. It includes comprehensive equipment health and asset monitoring capabilities with a wide range of diagnostic, analytic and reporting tools.Fleet – Fleet provides real-time machine tracking, assignment and productivity management, providing a comprehensive overview of all your asset operations from anywhere in the world.Terrain – Terrain enables high-precision management of drilling, dragline, grading and loading operations through the use of guidance technology. It increases machine productivity and provides you real-time feedback for improved efficiency.Detect – Detect provides equipment operators with enhanced awareness for increased site safety, using a combination of radars, an in-cab display, and multiple cameras.Please speak to your local dealer for more information on MineStar for the 6020B.

Hydraulic Shovel Technology Solutions

Monitoring and Diagnostic System – Enhancing diagnostic capabilities and providing detailed troubleshooting functions, our Board Control System uses sensors throughout the machine to monitor operating data, record faults, and notify the operator audibly and visually. This promotes the earliest possible detection of faults and allows for timely maintenance planning and assistance for speedy repair.

Efficiency Enabling and Simplified Design

Enabling the Use of Advanced Hydraulics with an Open-loop Swing Circuit

The 6020B includes an open-loop swing circuit that interacts well with its newly designed advanced hydraulics. Utilizing patent-pending dedicated pump flow allocation technology, hydraulic pumps are allocated to individual circuits on demand, allowing all produced oil flow to be translated into cylinder motion, optimizing hydraulic efficiencies and reducing heat generation. To fully leverage the advantages of this innovative technology, the open-loop swing system was incorporated for its use of a common set of pumps to serve all functions and the flexibility it offers for utilization of hydraulic flow.

More Reliable Swing Component Life

Extending component life and ultimately improving machine uptime, our swing system includes a triple-race swing roller bearing with internal gearing connected to an automatic lubrication system.

For added reliability, all lube lines supplying the swing roller bearing are located inside the superstructure for maximum protection.

Extended Component Life and Superior Serviceability

Tracks Designed for High-impact and High-travel Applications, Like Mining and Heavy Construction

Cat exclusive Positive Pin Retention 2 (PPR2) Track design resists pin walking and link cracking for reliable sealing and maximum track life. – Resists end-play generation and link movement on the pin – Tightly controls seal motion for long internal pin/bushing wear life – Resists fatigue and crack formation with redesigned, stronger track links

Better Wear of Undercarriage Components

Even idler slide wear and extended component life result from the floating push tube.Low wear drive system via induction hardened and high quantity of sprocket teeth.Optional rough terrain undercarriage protection kit available to further protect undercarriage components from harsh ground conditions.

Superior Serviceability

The 6020B’s automatic track tensioning system is a simplified design that requires no manual adjustment.Service simplified by externally serviceable break.PPR2 Tracks are easily serviced with a master joint. Allows for easy removal and installation of undercarriage.

Reliable Crawler Performance

Eliminates unnecessary wear and assists in easier track tensioning via three carrier rollers.Exceptional track guidance via standard track guides the entire length of the crawler.Travel motors and gearboxes are well protected by robust steel covers.

Improved Productivity, Operational Efficiency, and Serviceability

Cat Buckets Increase Productivity

Cat buckets are designed to match your Cat 6020B mining shovel, providing optimum payload and machine efficiency while protecting your investment. Bucket wear surfaces are armored with replaceable wear materials to extend the life of your bucket. Cat buckets are easy to rebuild, with all parts available through your Cat dealer. Trust Cat to give you long service life without adding excessive weight.

Key Features:Sized to match the 6020B mining shovel and your application.Protected with high abrasion materials matched to the wear characteristics of your application.Rebuildable, with all wear components (shown below in red) available as mechanically attached service parts.

MultiPlus Rock Buckets

Cat MultiPlus™ rock buckets are suited for standard rock and soil applications, which constitutes the vast majority of mining and quarry/aggregate applications.

High Abrasion Rock Buckets

High abrasion rock buckets are more heavily guarded for use in dense rock and aggressive digging conditions.

G.E.T. Quality and Performance Made Easy

Increase your operational efficiency and productivity with hammerless Cat G.E.T. designed specifically for the 6020B hydraulic mining shovel. By designing our own G.E.T., we are able to take a production focus, rather than a component focus, to optimize performance across the entire machine. And like all Cat G.E.T., it is fully supported by your local Cat dealer.Simple: No special tools required for Removal & InstallFast: One turn to lock and unlockSafe: No hammer required to service the lip systemOptions: Four tip shapes to optimize your production

Built-in Durability You Can Rely On

Large and Robust Structures Designed and Fabricated to Withstand Your Toughest Digging Conditions

To extend service life and ensure that your 6020B keeps producing, our structures are designed for durability and dependability. Extended performance in the harsh digging conditions you face daily is accomplished through selection of high-strength steels and rugged castings, joined and thermally stress-relieved to create a reliable external shell.Manufactured from high-strength steel for durability.Full penetration, profiled and ground welds at critical junctures.MT, UT, and X-ray inspections on select welds ensure quality.

Reliable Front Attachment Structures

The 6020B boom and stick utilize high-strength steel and rugged castings that are joined and thermally stress relieved for optimum structural life.Heavy castings at all pivot points.Single-plate side walls.Better flow of forces and less welding seams, as top chords are made of one bend plate.Entire boom and stick are stress relieved after welding for maximized reliability.Extensive use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Fully Tested and Validated

All 6020B structures have been fully tested and validated at our state-of-the-art proving ground in Tucson, AZ (U.S.A.).

Higher Standards for a Better Tomorrow

Meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow is the goal for all Cat machinery. The commitment to helping you operate safely and sustainably is affirmed in the design of the 6020B hydraulic mining shovel.

Cat 6020B Sustainability

Rebuilds – Decrease your energy use and material consumption with a machine design that facilitates rebuilding.Service – Ground-level accessible service fluid fill points ensure fast, easy, and secure replenishment of machine fluids.Sound Levels – Reduced operator and spectator sound levels result in less impact on the communities where they operate. The 6020B provides sound suppression on its power module to keep spectator sound levels low, and provides a sound suppressed cab for an extremely quiet working environment for the operator.Component Life – The 6020B’s automatic centralized lubrication system maintains the proper grease lubrication on working surfaces, significantly extending component life.

Melindungi dan Mendukung Aset Terpenting Anda: Operator

Mengoptimalkan Kewaspadaan Operator atas Situasi dengan Visibilitas Kabin Terbaik di Kelasnya

Pandangan langsung ke track, saat duduk di ruang operator, melalui jendela lantai untuk pemosisian ulang alat berat yang aman dan mudah dan menghindari halangan di bawah kaki.Pemosisian alat berat dan pemuatan truk yang aman melalui kaca depan dan jendela samping yang lebar.Beberapa lampu LED berkekuatan tinggi yang ditempatkan secara strategis untuk pencahayaan maksimum area penggalian dalam kondisi yang gelap.Wiper tugas berat memastikan visibilitas yang baik dalam kondisi cuaca yang buruk.

Mendukung Kinerja Operator Puncak dengan Kemampuan Pelatihan yang Ditingkatkan

Desain tiga kursi pertama di kelasnya dan dipatenkan dengan tampilan lingkungan penggalian tanpa halangan dari semua kursi.Komputer ruang kerja pengawas yang ditinggikan, ditempatkan di belakang kursi operator, menyediakan ruang untuk laptop dan visibilitas yang luas pada ruang operator dan lingkungan penggalian.Dua tombol E-stop dalam kabin dapat diakses dengan mudah dari kursi pelatih dan ruang operator.

Memaksimalkan Kewaspadaan dan Efektivitas Operator dengan Fitur Kenyamanan Terdepan

Lingkungan kabin bertekanan penuh yang sangat tenang.Kursi dan kontrol operator yang ergonomis dengan sandaran lengan yang dapat disesuaikan dengan pilihan operator.Tampilan layar sentuh 10 inci dilengkapi dengan bantuan pemecahan masalah dan dokumentasi alat berat.Distribusi udara dalam kabin yang ekstensif melalui unit HVAC yang tangguh dan beberapa ventilasi yang diposisikan secara optimal.Modul kabin didukung dengan dudukan karet untuk peredaman kejutSistem kontrol elektro-servo memastikan tidak ada saluran hidraulik di kabin untuk lingkungan yang bersih, tenang, dan tanpa bau.

Melindungi dan Mendukung Aset Terpenting Anda: Operator

Mengoptimalkan Kewaspadaan Operator atas Situasi dengan Visibilitas Kabin Terbaik di Kelasnya

Pandangan langsung ke track, saat duduk di ruang operator, melalui jendela lantai untuk pemosisian ulang alat berat yang aman dan mudah dan menghindari halangan di bawah kaki.Pemosisian alat berat dan pemuatan truk yang aman melalui kaca depan dan jendela samping yang lebar.Beberapa lampu LED berkekuatan tinggi yang ditempatkan secara strategis untuk pencahayaan maksimum area penggalian dalam kondisi yang gelap.Wiper tugas berat memastikan visibilitas yang baik dalam kondisi cuaca yang buruk.


Standard Equipment
Engine Output - SAE J1995 776 kW
Bucket Payload 21.6 t
Operating Weight 230.2 t
Note Specifications shown above apply to a Backhoe configuration. A frontless configuration is also available.
Standard Bucket Capacity 12 m³
Standard Equipment
Batteries (12V each) - In Series/Parallel Installation 630 Ah – 24V
Components (3) 9 LED high-brightness working flood lights: – 7 for working area<br>– 2 for rear end
Batteries (12V each) 6 × 210 Ah
Components (1) Emergency stop buttons inside cab, accessible from all seating locations, and engine module
Components (2) Additional ground-level emergency stop
System Voltage 24V
Battery Isolation Relays manual lockable disconnect switch and automatic disconnect relay
Components (6) 1 beacon lamp on cab roof
Components (5) 7 LED service lights
Components (4) 2 LED high-brightness access flood lights
Standard Equipment
Features (2) Variable electronically controlled flow of oil through cooler and fan speed
Oil Flow of Cooling Pumps 800 l/min
Diameter - Fan 1500 mm
Features (1) Cooling system fully independent of all main circuits, i.e. controlled cooling capacity available whenever engine is running
Features (3) Superior cooling efficiency to ensure optimum oil temperature
Standard Equipment
Components (5) Full sized trainer seat with safety belt and work table
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Width 1625 mm
Components (7) Operator Protective Guard (rock guard; approved according to ISO 10262:1998 [Top Guard]) compliant
Components (9) Roller blinds
Components (11) Additional emergency ladder in close proximity to emergency escape window
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Length 2230 mm
Components (8) Windshield with parallel intermittent wiper/washer
Components (2) Pneumatically cushioned and multi-adjustable operator seat with lumbar support, safety belt, head- and armrests
New BCS Features (1) Robust instrument panel including large (254 mm/10 in) color touch screen
New BCS Features (3) Graphical data logging
New BCS Features (4) Fault memory capabilities
Operator's Eye Level (approximate) 5.5 m
New BCS Features (2) On-screen troubleshooting assistance
Components (10) Machine access via retractable access stairway, stairway angle approximately 45°, hydraulically operated
New BCS Features (5) USB, Lan (TCP/IP) and CAN BUS interfaces for data export
Components (3) Safety switch in operator's seat for automatic motion shutdown
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Height 2070 mm
Components (1) Large cab floor window with removable grating for easy cleaning
Components (4) Joystick integrated in adjustable seat armrest
New Board Control System (BCS) Features: Electronic monitoring, data logging and diagnostic system for vital signs & service data of engines, hydraulic & lube system
Components (6) Auxiliary fold-away seat with safety belt for 3rd person
Standard Equipment
Swing Ring Triple-race roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
Maximum Swing Speed 4.9 r/min
Swing Drive 2 compact planetary transmissions with axial piston motors
Parking Brake Wet multiple-disc brake, spring-loaded/hydraulically released
Features (2) All slew ring raceways and grease tub for internal gearing supplied by automatic, central lubrication system
Features (1) Open swing circuit with auto slow down when joysticks in neutral
Standard Equipment
Track Pads - Each Side 45
Components (1) Forged double-grouser track pads
Components (6) Audible travel alarm
Bottom Rollers - Each Side 8
Travel Speed - 1st Stage - Maximum 1.1 km/h
Components (4) Fully hydraulic self-adjusting track tensioning system with accumulator
Components (5) Automatic hydraulic retarder valve to prevent overspeed on downhill travel
Parking Brakes Wet multiple disc brake, spring loaded/hydraulically released
Travel Speed - 2nd Stage - Maximum 2.4 km/h
Gradeability - Travel Drives Approximately 54%
Components (3) All running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers and track chain links hardened
Maximum Tractive Force 1183 kN
Travel Drives - Each Side 1 planetary transmission with 2 two-stage axial piston motors
Components (2) Chain links connected by hardened pins and bushings
Support Rollers - Each Side 3
Standard Equipment
Type (3) System condition and failures displayed by Board Control System
Capacity - Grease Barrel 205 l
Type (1) Single-circuit progressive system with hydraulically driven heavy-duty pump and electronic time control
Type (2) Grease supplied to swing roller bearing, all pivot points of attachment, and swing gearbox bearing
Standard Equipment
Type (5) Float valve for boom down function
Type (2) High-tensile steel with solid steel castings at pivot areas
Type (3) Boom and stick stress-relieved after welding
Type (1) Boom and stick torsion-resistant with welded box design
Type (4) Catwalks with rails at boom
Buckets Equipped With – Special liner material covering main wear areas inside and outside<br>– Lip shrouds<br>– Wing shrouds<br>– Heel shrouds
Standard Equipment
Standard Track Pads 800 mm
Operating Weight 230200 kg
Ground Pressure 22 N/cm²
Standard Equipment
Maximum Swing Oil Flow 783 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Attachment 310 bar
Filters (4) Pressure filters (6 μm) for servo circuit
Electronic Pump Management Contains (3) Automatic return of main pumps to zero flow
Features (2) Cooling of pump transmission gear oil
Maximum Pressure - Travel 310 bar
Maximum Pressure - Swing - Acceleration 310 bar
Filters (3) Full-flow filters (10 μm) for cooling return circuit
Electronic Pump Management Contains (2) Dedicated circuit pump allocation
Maximum Total Oil Flow 2350 l/min
Filters (2) Full-flow filters (10 μm) for complete return circuit
Main Pumps 6 × variable swash plate pumps
Filters (1) Full-flow high-pressure filters (100 μm) for main pumps, installed directly behind each pump
Electronic Pump Management Contains (4) Automatic rpm reduction of engine speed during working breaks
Filters (5) Transmission oil filter (40 μm)
Electronic Pump Management Contains (5) Reduced oil flow of main pumps at high hydraulic oil temperature and at high engine temperature
Electronic Pump Management Contains (1) Electronic load limit control
Features (1) Pressure cut-off function for all main pumps
Total Volume of Hydraulic Oil 3500 l
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 2800 l
Maximum Pressure - Swing - Deceleration 350 bar
Standard Equipment
Equipped With (3) Indicator light for hydraulic tank full
Equipped With (1) Quick couplings for: – Diesel fuel<br>– Engine coolant<br>– Pump transmission gear oil<br>– Engine oil (oil pan)<br>– Hydraulic oil
Features Centralized service area accessible from ground level.
Equipped With (2) Cat jump-start socket
Standard Equipment
Maximum Tearout Force 650 kN
Maximum Breakout Force 730 kN
Standard Equipment
Maximum Digging Reach 15.9 m
Maximum Digging Depth 8.1 m
Maximum Digging Height 13.9 m
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight 230 t
Bucket Payload 22 t
Standard Equipment
Standard Bucket Capacity - Backhoe (Heaped 1:1) 12 m³
Standard Equipment
Gross Power - SAE J1995 776 kW
Engine Model Cat C32 ACERT
Net Power - SAE J1349 770 kW
Standard Equipment
Gross Power - SAE J1995 776 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 774 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 770 kW
Emissions Meets China Nonroad Stage III emissions standards, equivalent to Tier 2
Standard Equipment
Components (1) Cat NOx reduction system
Components (7) Two-stage fuel filter
Components (3) MEUI™-C fuel system
Alternator 275A
Bore 145 mm
Components (4) Hydraulically driven radiator fan with variable electronically controlled fan speed
No. of Cylinders 12
Displacement 32 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 3600 l
Components (5) Micro processed engine management
Rated Speed 1,800 min-1 (1,800 rpm)
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Components (2) Dual Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)
Components (8) Additional high-capacity water separator including electric priming pump
Components (9) Large fuel tank allows for 24 hour machine operation
Components (6) Heavy-duty air filters
Maximum Altitude without Deration 2925 m (9,600 ft) – above sea level (a.s.l.)
Stroke 162 mm
Make and Model Cat C32 ACERT
Standard Equipment
Components (3) Heavy-duty air filters
Components (4) Two-stage fuel filter
Fuel Tank Capacity 3600 l
No. of Cylinders 12
Components (2) Micro processed engine management
Displacement 32 l
Maximum Altitude without Deration 3622 m (11,884 ft) – above sea level (a.s.l.)
Bore 145 mm
Components (1) Hydraulically driven radiator fan with variable electronically controlled fan speed
Stroke 162 mm
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Components (5) Additional high-capacity water separator including electric priming pump
Rated Speed 1800 min-1 (1,800 rpm)
Alternator 275A
Make and Model Cat C32 ACERT
Components (6) Large fuel tank allows for 24 hour machine operation
Standard Equipment
Gross Power - SAE J1995 771 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 764 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 761 kW
Emissions Meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emissions standards
Standard Equipment
Net Power - SAE J1349 761 kW
Gross Power - SAE J1995 771 kW
Engine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™