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  • 789D - Mining Trucks
  • 789D - Mining Trucks
  • 789D - Mining Trucks
  • 789D - Mining Trucks
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Caterpillar's exclusive design ownership provides advantages by creating a total hauling unit that delivers the best integration of high production, availability, and payload in combination with low operating cost and long life. The Cat® 789D continues the tradition of Caterpillar's proven 789 Truck with high productivity and lowest in class cost per ton.

Engine Model
3516B EUI
Gross Power
1566 kW


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The Cat® 3500 series engines are built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications.


Both the Cat® 3516B and 3516C EUI Quad turbocharged diesel engines deliver high power and reliability in the world’s most demanding mining applications.


The 3500 series engines are 16-cylinder, four-stroke designs that uses long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency.

EPA Compliant

Where applicable, the 3516C engine is compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirements.

Engine seri Cat® 3500 dibuat untuk menghasilkan daya, keandalan, dan efisiensi guna mencapai kinerja yang unggul pada aplikasi paling berat.


Standard Equipment
Engine Model 3516C - HD
Gross Power - SAE J1995 1566 kW
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 210 mm
Displacement 78.1 l
Net Power 1468 kW
Gross Power 1566 kW
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 1468 kW
Standard Equipment
Stroke 190 mm
Gross Power 1417 kW
Displacement 69 l
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 1335 kW
Engine Model 3516B EUI
Bore 170 mm