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  • 914K - Compact Wheel Loaders
  • 914K - Compact Wheel Loaders
  • 914K - Compact Wheel Loaders
  • 914K - Compact Wheel Loaders
  • 914K - Compact Wheel Loaders
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The Cat 914K Compact Wheel Loader sets a new standard for productivity, fuel efficiency and comfort. On-the-go operator tuned hydraulics and drivetrain adjust the machine's response to the task at hand. Low sound levels, large spacious cab and intuitive controls keep you working comfortably all day long. The new Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader linkage delivers the performance and breakout forces of a traditional Z-bar linkage with the parallelism and load handling capability of a tool carrier. Experience the new industry benchmark.

Net Power
72 kW
Engine Model
Cat� C3.8 Turbo
Bucket Capacities
1.2 m3-2.5 m3 (1.6 yd3-3.3 yd3)
Operating Weight

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Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader delivers enhanced visibility with maximum productivity.

Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader

The Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader combines the digging efficiency of a traditional Z-bar with tool carrier capabilities for great performance and versatility.

Parallel lift and high tilt forces throughout the working range help you safely and confidently handle loads with precise control.
Linkage features excellent visibility to the bucket cutting edge and fork tips.
High Lift versions are also available on both models.

Superior visibility, ergonomics and comfort.

Best Seat on the Job Site

Enjoy all day comfort in the spacious K Series cab:

Low effort, responsive joystick includes integrated Forward/Neutral/Reverse switch, differential lock and continuous flow triggers along with optional third and fourth function auxiliary hydraulics.
Easy access to the cab with ergonomically placed grab rails, steps and large platform.
Low sound levels.
Superior visibility to the work tool due to the wide windshield and Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader.
Optional air conditioning with defrost/demist.
A standard heated, air suspension seat with lumbar and seat back tilt adjustment.

Easy to Use Instrument Panel and Display

The front console provides easy access to vital machine information, along with lights and ECO mode switches. Eco mode saves fuel and reduces engine wear with an engine speed control. The right hand console holds secondary functions beyond the all-in-one joystick controller.

New soft touch keypad on the right hand console contains new electronic functions and settings including Implement Modulation, Hystat Aggressiveness, Ride Control, Return To Dig, Lift Kickout, Engine Speed Control, and Rimpull Control.
LCD read out for: travel speed, speed range selection, hydraulic oil temperature, service hour meter, engine coolant temperature, and fuel level.
Indicators: diesel particulate filter, starting aid, engine, electrical, parking brake, directional turn signals, brakes, high beams, action required notice, continuous flow, hydraulic filter bypass, bucket float, creeper, directional F/N/R.

Hydrostatic drive adjusts to be faster or smoother for the task.

Intelligent Power Management

The Cat power train is computer controlled which actively monitors engine, operator input and drive train load, adjusting the hystat transmission to keep the machine working at peak efficiency.


The Cat C3.8 turbo engine provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emission requirements. The engine also features:

The C3.8 uses an active regeneration system which requires no operator interaction under normal conditions.
Automatic, electronic, self-priming fuel pump encourages good maintenance practice. At the service interval, simply install a clean, dry filter element and then turn the ignition key to ON. The engine will be self-primed and ready to start in less than 20 seconds.
Three separate fill points accommodate differently sized containers.
The engine is serviceable from either side of the chassis.
The easily accessible diesel particulate filter has a minimum 3,000 hour cleaning service interval. The on-board monitor will advise when diesel ash cleaning service is needed.
Focused on fuel efficiency, significantly reducing owning and operating costs.
Easy access to all service points to get to work sooner.


The Hystat Aggressiveness feature allows the operator to increase the directional shift responsiveness for faster loading cycles, or adjust for finer control for sensitive tasks such as moving heavy pallets.
Rimpull Control feature enables the operator to match available tractive power to underfoot conditions, helping reduce tire wear.
Creeper Control precisely adjusts the machine ground speed when using work tools such as brooms and snow blowers.
Electronic Engine Speed Control feature allows you to maintain constant engine RPM regardless of travel speed.
Thus, pairing Creeper Control and Engine Speed Control, the operator can easily control the hydraulic power going to the work tool, while optimizing ground speed for best operation.
Three speed ranges ensure maximum controllability for any task.

Axles, Brakes and Inching Function

Fully locking front and rear differential axles are standard and can be engaged at full torque on-the-go below 6 km/h (4 mph), with a button on the joystick. The enhanced modulation of the inching function utilizes the first half of brake pedal engagement to hydrostatically decelerate without any wear on the braking system. This allows the operator to find a rhythm in V-cycle truck loading, for instance, using the throttle and inching/braking pedal together for a faster loader while controlling ground speed. The brake system includes independent service brakes on the front and rear axles. The parking brake is mechanically activated and released with a hand lever next to the operator’s seat.

Operator tuned hydraulics matches responsiveness to the task.

Hydraulic System

K Series machines feature a new electro-hydraulic control system. The load-sensing, variable flow system on the 914K senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. This allows full hydraulic forces at any engine speed.

The new electronic joystick operation is finely tuned for smooth operation, yet fast cycle times.
The Implement Modulation feature provides three settings for faster, more responsive hydraulics for repetitive tasks like truck loading. Or, this feature can adjust for smoother hydraulics needed with heavy fork loads or more restrictive areas.
An electronic Return to Dig feature levels the bucket as the loader comes down after dumping. This speeds cycle times by letting the operator focus on the next dig point rather than setting the bucket position.
The Lift Kickout feature prevents the loader from exceeding a pre-set height, ideal for working inside a building with lower height restrictions. Once the joystick is pulled back into a soft detent, the operator releases the joystick as the hydraulics continue to the pre-set height.
The third function auxiliary hydraulics can be set for Continuous Flow when using hydro-mechanical work tools.
Ride Control is available to smooth the ride, keep the tires in contact with the ground and maximize material retention.

Do more jobs with one machine.

The Right Tool for the Job

An extensive range of work tools and bucket styles are available to make your Cat Wheel Loader one of the most versatile machines on the job site.

Performance Series Buckets

Performance Series Buckets utilize a system-based approach to balance bucket shape with the machine’s linkage, weight, lift and tilt capacities. They deliver higher fill factors and better material retention for significant productivity and fuel efficiency improvements. The buckets feature a longer floor, open throat and curved side bars.

Additional Buckets

Light Material
Multi Purpose
Wood Chip

Material Handling Work Tools

Pallet Forks
Material Handling Arm

Work Tools for Special Applications

Snow Pushers
Angle Blades
V-Plow Blades
Side Dump Buckets
Grapple Forks


The Cat Integrated Toolcarrier coupler provides interchange with a multitude of new and legacy tools. An ISO 23727 coupler interface is also available for use with competitive work tools.

Customize your machine to meet your needs.

Configure the Machine the Way You Want It

A variety of options are available on the Cat K Series Compact Wheel Loaders to suit your specific operator comfort and application needs. See your Cat dealer for more information about the features below and additional options.

Additional options include:

Mudflaps and Fenders
Secondary Steering*
75 mm (3 in) Seat Belt*
Security System
Three Piece Wheel Rims
Snow Tires
Flexport™ Tires
Biodegradable Oil
Engine Coolant Heater
Rotating Beacon
Back-up Alarm*
License Plate Mount
Rear Window Shade

*Standard in some regions.

Easy service to keep your machine working.

All service points are easily accessible. Three large service doors can be opened and closed in any order to give full access to filters and service points. Extended service intervals reduce service time and maximize uptime. Additional service features include:

Convenient access door for quick fueling through left service door.
Convenient access door for coolant fill.
Caterpillar electric fuel priming pump for ease of service.
Easy access to battery terminals for jump starts.
Single plane cooling system for engine and hydraulics.
Top mounted air conditioner condenser for easy clean out.
Product Link ready (standard).

Unmatched support makes the difference.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support

Your Cat dealer is ready to help you every step of the way. From new or used machine sales, to rental or rebuild options, your Cat dealer can provide an optimal solution to your business needs. Unsurpassed worldwide parts availability, trained technicians and customer support agreements maximize your machine uptime.


Standard Equipment
Net Power 72 kW
Bore 100 mm
Displacement 3.8 l
Engine Model Cat� C3.8 Turbo
Maximum Gross Power - ISO 14396 72 kW
Maximum Gross Power - SAE J1995 73 kW
Note Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB emission standards.
Peak Torque 336 N·m
RPM at Peak Torque 1500 r/min
RPM at Rated Power 2400 r/min
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249/EEC 72 kW
Rated Net Power - SAE J1349 69 kW
Rated Torque 321 N·m
Stroke 120 mm
Torque Rise 17 %
Maximum Gross Power 72 kW
Standard Equipment
Bucket Capacities 1.2 m3-2.5 m3 (1.6 yd3-3.3 yd3)
General Purpose 1.2-1.5 m3 (1.6-2.0 yd3)
Type Performance Series Buckets utilize a long floor and open throat resulting in easy loading and good material retention.
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight 8126
Operating Weight - High Lift 8181
Operating Weight - Standard Lift 8126
Standard Equipment
Maximum Flow - Steering Pump 84 l/min
Maximum Steering Torque - 0° (Straight Machine) 37107 N·m
Maximum Steering Torque - 39° (Full Turn) 29276 N·m
Maximum Working Pressure - Steering Pump 22500 kPa
Number of Steering Wheel Turns - Stop to Stop, Turning Wheel at < 27 rpm 5.75 turns
Number of Steering Wheel Turns - Stop to Stop, Turning Wheel at > 67 rpm 3.75 turns
Steering Articulation Angle - Each Direction 40 °
Steering Cycle Times - Stop to Stop - At 2,400 rpm Engine Speed, 90 rpm Steering Wheel Speed 2.8 s
Steering Cylinder, Double Acting - Bore Diameter 60 mm
Steering Cylinder, Double Acting - Rod Diameter 35 mm
Steering Cylinder, Double Acting - Stroke 400 mm
Type Steering system uses a dedicated pump with dual double acting cylinders.
Standard Equipment
Cycle Time - Dump 1.8 s
Cycle Time - Lift 5.3 s
Cycle Time - Lower, Float 4 s
Cycle time - Float 3.7 s
Cycle time - Rackback 2.4 s
Lift Cylinder - Bore Diameter 100 mm
Lift Cylinder - Rod Diameter 60 mm
Lift cylinders - Stroke 593 mm
Main Relief Pressure 280 bar
Maximum Flow - Implement Pump - 3rd Function 95 l/min
Maximum Flow - Implement Pump - 4th Function 95 l/min
Maximum Pump Flow 125 l/min
Maximum Working Pressure - Implement Pump 210 bar
Tilt Cylinder - Bore Diameter 100 mm
Tilt Cylinder - Rod Diameter 60 mm
Tilt Cylinder - Stroke 578 mm
Standard Equipment
Cooling System 16.5 l
Fuel Tank 150 l
Hydraulic System 85 l
Axle - Front, Center 7.5 l
Axle - Front, Each Hub 2.2 l
Axle - Rear, Center 7.5 l
Axle - Rear, Each Hub 2.2 l
Engine Crankcase 13 l
Hydraulic Tank - Refill 60 l
Transmission - Gear Box 3.2 l
Standard Equipment
Forward - High Range 40 km/h
Forward - Low Range, Speed Range 1 10 km/h
Forward - Low Range, Speed Range 2 20 km/h
Reverse - High Range 40 km/h
Reverse - Low Range, Speed Range 1 10 km/h
Reverse - Low Range, Speed Range 2 20 km/h
Type (1) Changing from Low Range to High Range is on-the-go for added convenience.
Type (2) Creeper control allows maximum speed range adjustability from 0 to 10 km/h (6 mph) in Speed Range 1.
Standard Equipment
Brakes - Park Brake Cable applied, spring release
Brakes - Service Brakes Inboard wet disc
Front Axle Fixed
Front Axle - Traction Aid Locking differential
Rear Axle Oscillating
Rear Axle - Traction Aid Locking differential
Rear axle - Oscillation �11 degrees
Type (1) Power train is fully hydrostatic, operating with twin motors on a gear reduction system to amplify torque.
Type (2) A built-in clutch on one motor de-clutches at higher speeds to gain maximum travel speed.
Standard Equipment
Note Wheel sets are interchangeable between the 910K and 914K.
Tire Size - Non-Pneumatic - Flexport 53.5�9�16.5 (15.5/17.5�25 equivalent)
Tire Size - Optional (1) 17.5-R25
Tire Size - Optional (2) 17.5-25 16PR
Tire Size - Standard 17.5-25 12PR
Standard Equipment
ROPS ROPS: SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1994.
FOPS FOPS: SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98, Level II, ISO 3449 1992 Level II.
Sound The declared dynamic operator sound pressure level per ISO 6396:2008 is: - Deluxe cab: 75 dB(A)
Standard Equipment
Rated Bucket Capacity 2.5 m³
Clearance - Full Lift and 45° Dump 2837 mm
Full Turn Tip Load 5578
Full Turn Tipping Load - High Lift 3902
Full Turn Tipping Load - Standard Lift 4780
Reach - Full Lift and 45° Dump 790 mm
Steering Articulation Angle - Each Direction 40 °