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  • MD6540C - Rotary Drills


Hole Diameter
229-406 mm (9-16 in)
Cat® 3512C HD
Bit Load
Up to 53 845 kg (Up to 118,719 lb)


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Standard Equipment
Hole Diameter 229-406 mm (9-16 in)
Engine Cat® 3512C HD
Bit Load Up to 53 845 kg (Up to 118,719 lb)
Standard Equipment
Maximum Ambient Rating - Standard 52 °C
Minimum Ambient Rating - Standard -1 °C
Standard Equipment
High Speed/Low Torque Rotary Head, Dual Motors (1) 0-17 219 N·m (0-12,700 lbf)
Rotation Speed (1) 0-150 rpm
High Speed/Low Torque Rotary Head, Dual Motors (2) 20 880 N·m (0-15,400 lbf)
Rotation Speed (2) 0-124 rpm
Standard Equipment
Components (1) 24V to 12V converter
Components (2) All electric controls for drilling, tramming, leveling plus auxiliary functions
Components (3) HMI touch screen control
Components (4) Trainer's seat
Components (5) Electric horn
Components (6) Full front drill window
Components (7) Heavy duty door latches
Components (8) Roof mounted air conditioning/heating/pressurizing unit; hydraulic driven
Components (10) Roof window with protective cage
Components (11) Rubber shock mounted and insulated two-man extra-large FOPS cab
Components (12) Slope indicators
Components (13) Split operator's console with stainless steel panels and back-lit gauges
Components (14) Twelve (12) windows
Components (15) Two (2) swing out hinged doors with heavy duty door latching system
Components (16) Windshield wipers and washer tank kit
Components (17) Overhead interior dome lights
Components (18) Dash light on each panel
Components (19) Cat operator's seat with inertia reel seat belts, mechanical suspension or option with seat belt, heat, ventilation and air suspension
Components (9) Cab ladder, roof platform and railing
Standard Equipment
Brake Release Automatic
Brakes Spring set, hydraulic release
Gradeability 51%
Maximum Drive Horse Power per Track 300.5 kg/mm
Number of Rollers - Each Side 11
Rock Guards/Chain Guards Standard full-length guards
Tram Speed - Maximum 1.93 km/h
Type Cat 374F undercarriage with full length rock guards and tram distance meter, 900 mm (35 in) triple grousers and auto tensioning.
Front Three-point oscillating type
Track Adjustment Means Automatic track tensioning system
Track Drive Disconnect Standard (manual)