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PM200 - 2.0 m

  • PM200 - 2.0 m - Cold Planer
  • PM200 - 2.0 m - Cold Planer
  • PM200 - 2.0 m - Cold Planer
  • PM200 - 2.0 m - Cold Planer
  • PM200 - 2.0 m - Cold Planer
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PM200 - 2.0 m

The PM200 Cold Planer combines superior performance and reliability to achieve the most demanding job specifications while maximizing the machine uptime. With many enhanced features and options, the PM200 performs controlled full-depth removal of asphalt layers in a single pass and is also capable of concrete removal.

Gross Power
429 kW
Cutting Width
2010 mm


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A combination of innovations working at the point of combustion, ACERT® Technology optimizes engine performance while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3 and European EU Stage IIIa emission regulations for off-road applications.

Optimum Power

The C18 engine performs at a full-rated gross power (SAE J1995) of 429 kW (575 hp) at 1900 rpm. The combination of large displacement and high torque allow the PM200 to achieve maximum production. Engine power curve is optimized for milling applications providing optimum power while keeping the engine operating at peak efficiency.

Mechanically-Actuated ElectronicallyControlled Unit Injection (MEUI)

The MEUI fuel system is a unique system that combines the technical advancement of an electronic control system with the simplicity of direct mechanically controlled unit fuel injection. The MEUI system excels in its ability to control injection pressure over the entire engine operating speed range. These features allow the C18 to have complete control over injection timing, duration and pressure.

Precise Multiple Injection Fuel Delivery

Combustion chamber temperatures are lowered by precisely shaping the combustion cycle generating fewer emissions and optimizing fuel combustion; translating into more work output for your fuel cost.

C18 Cylinder Block

The cylinder block is a one-piece, grey iron block that features generous ribbing for stiffness and heavy bearing bulkheads for rigidity and strength as the crankshaft turns. This new design supports the engine’s higher compression ratios and increases its power density. The incorporation of straight-thread, o-ring connection points reduces the loss of engine oil and fluids.

High Cylinder Pressures

High cylinder pressures combined with tightly controlled tolerances promote extremely efficient fuel burn, less blow by and lower emissions.

Service, Maintenance and Repair

Easier service, maintenance and repair is accomplished by monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators. Advanced electronic diagnostic capabilities are possible using Cat Electronic Technician.

Turbocharged and Air-to-AirAftercooling (ATAAC)

High horsepower with increased response time is assured while keeping exhaust temperatures low for long hours of continuous operation.

Air-to-Air Aftercooling

Air-to-air aftercooling keeps air intake temperatures down and in concert with the tight tolerance combustion chamber components, maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions. New turbocharger, unique cross-flow head design, single front driven overhead cam and a more efficient intake manifold generate significant improvements in air flow, maximizing efficiency and reduced emissions.

ADEM™ A4 Electronic Control Module

The module manages fuel delivery, valve timing and airflow to get the most performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. The control module provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. It keeps track of engine and machine conditions while keeping the engine operating at peak efficiency.

Hydrostatic drive with hydraulic flow provided by a variable displacement piston-type pump. Dual displacement track drive motors provide balanced tractive effort.

Propel Pump

A balanced flow to the dual displacement drive motors on each track provides superior tractive effort on all surfaces.

Load Control System (Anti-Stall)

The electronically controlled system matches propel speed to load on engine for maximum production. Three load control settings can be selected. HIGH for light cuts, MED for medium cuts and LOW for hard cuts.

Two Speed Ranges

The machine operates at either maximum torque throughout the entire milling speed range or at a faster travel speed for moving around the job site.

Positive Traction Control (Flow Divider)

Equal hydraulic oil flow to each drive motor increases tractive effort in hard cutting applications. The positive traction control is actuated from the operator’s console.

Exclusive Cat wet clutch delivers maximum available horsepower to each ground engaging tool while providing long service life and reliability.

Cat Wet Clutch

The most efficient and reliable system of applying rotor power to the pavement. The rotor clutch system has a separate oil sump, pump, filter, clutch control valve and oil cooler to provide continuous cooling and lubrication.

Two Cutting Speeds

Upper and lower sheaves are easily interchangeable for maximum torque with the toughest materials and different material sizing requirements.

Two Molded Six-Rib High Tensile Belts

High tensile belts drive the rotor efficiently while providing long service life.

Automtic Belt Tension Adjustment

The hydraulically powered automatic drive belt tensioner prevents rotor drive belt slippage and reduces maintenance.

Rotor options provide distinct performance advantages. Quick release conical tool holders for quick and easy replacement.

Standard Rotor

The standard rotor provides maximum versatility and manueverability ideal for urban applications. 178 point-attack cutting tools. Cutting width is 2010 mm (79"). Maximum cutting depth 320 mm (12.6").

Optional Fine Cutting Rotors

Optional fine cutting rotors are designed to remove wear course, improve surface traction or level surface irregularities. Available with either 6 mm (0.24") or 8 mm (0.31") tool spacing, depending on application. Cutting width is 2010 mm (79"). Cutting depth ranges from 50 mm (1.97") to 80 mm (3.15").

178 Point-Attack Carbide-Tipped Tools

Tools are mounted in durable three-piece, quick release patented tool holders and arranged in a triple wrap flighting pattern for maximum breakout force. Tapered quick release conical tool holders maintain tightness in holder base.

Large Replaceable Carbide Faced Loading Paddles

Loading paddles effectively move milled material onto collecting conveyor resulting in higher production and less wear on inside of rotor chamber and cutting tools.

Optimum Tool Spacing

Triple-tree tool placement on rotor ends provides optimum tool spacing to clean up loose material and reduces wear on rotor when maneuvering in the cut.

A large discharge opening and wide collecting conveyor belt clears out the cutter box quickly. Water spray system for lubrication, cooling and dust reduction.

Optimum Material Sizing and Gradation

The hydraulically operated anti-slab device prevents slabbing of the road surface, protects the collecting conveyor and ensures an optimum discharge opening to the rotor chamber.

Large Discharge Opening

Rotor chamber is rapidly cleared for increased production.

Maximum Efficiency

The collecting conveyor's width measures in at 800 mm (31.5") and is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor for maximum efficiency.

Variable Belt Speed

Collecting conveyor variable belt speed controls loading of milled materials to closely match material type and amount.

Optimum Dust Reduction

Standard water spray lubricates and controls dust on collecting belt. Water spray nozzles are easily accessed for inspection and replacement without the need for tools.

High capacity and versatility add to increased job site productivity. Conveyor can be folded to reduce machine dimensions during transport.

Hydraulic Folding Conveyor

Machine transportation is made easier by the upward hydraulically folding conveyor that reduces the machine dimensions.

Upper Conveyor's Width

The upper conveyor's width measures in at 800 mm (31.5") and the front loading conveyor height adjustment is hydraulically controlled while two cylinders provide a 48 degree swing to the left and right.

Seamless Belt

Seamless belt with high cleats offers long service life and provides better control of fine particles.

Variable Belt Speed

Front loading conveyor variable belt speed controls loading of milled materials to closely match material type and amount.

Dual Water Spray System (Optional)

Provides additional water spray for cooling and lubrication for cutting tools and dust abatement during tougher cutting applications. System includes a water pump and extra spray nozzles.


Standard Equipment
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank 30100 kg
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank on Front Tracks 15600 kg
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank on Rear Tracks 14500 kg
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank 28000 kg
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank on Front Tracks 12650 kg
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank on Rear Tracks 15350 kg
Standard Equipment
Operating Speed 38 m/min
Maximum Travel Speed 5.9 km/h
Inside Turn Radius 2 m
Standard Equipment
Engine Model C18 with ACERT
Gross Power 429 kW
Standard Equipment
Operating Length - Conveyor Up 13.94 m
Operating Width 2.75 m
Maximum Operating Height 3.95 m
Minimum Operating Height 2.93 m
Maximum Truck Clearance 4.6 m
Shipping Length - Base Machine 7.5 m
Shipping Maximum Height 3.15 m
Shipping Width 2.5 m
Shipping Length - With Conveyor Folded 11.38 m
Standard Equipment
Cutting Width 2010 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 320 mm
Number of Cutting Tools 178
Standard Equipment
Collecting Conveyor Speed 300 m/min
Collecting Conveyor Width 800 mm
Discharge Conveyor Width 800 mm
Discharge Conveyor Maximum Speed 300 m/min
Discharge Conveyor Swing - From Center 48 °
Standard Equipment
Fuel Tank Capacity 1100 l
Water Spray System 3500 l