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Trakindo Cat® Rental Store


Trakindo Cat® Rental Store provides equipment rental solutions to serve customers evolving needs. Currently, we have more than 15 Cat Rental Store outlets throughout Indonesia. Renting makes a good sense for many businesses since an expense is only incurred for the equipment when it is needed for a particular job. Renting from Trakindo Cat Rental Store allows your business to be more efficient by using the latest technology because the fleets are loaded with new equipment. We are the responsive and profitable partner that helps you produce highest quality of work to advance your business.

Trakindo Cat Rental Store

Trakindo Cat Rental Store Website

Trakindo Cat Rental Store provides small to large heavy equipment, generator sets, mining dewatering pumps and allied equipment. We also provide a full line of high quality brand equipment to completely serve the needs of your job, to get it done right. We will do our best to get you the rental solutions you need at the soonest possible time, with a newer equipment that is fully maintained by our certified and experienced technicians. Renting frees up capital as an alternative to equipment purchase, satisfies short-term needs on the job, eliminates maintenance cost, equipment obsolescence and storage cost.

Trakindo Cat Rental Store serves Dry Rental in which we supply equipment and standard maintenance. We also serve integrated services called Wet Rental in which we supply equipment, standard maintenance including operator and dedicated manpower on site for selected mining sites or special projects.

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