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Equipment Management Solutions

About Equipment Management Solutions (EM Solutions)

EM Solutions (EMS) are a portfolio of bundled, technology-enabled services focused on delivering p­roactive asset management options for our customers. EMS is the new way Trakindo does business. We provide comprehensive solution options designed to meet each of our customer’s needs. Our vision is to be recognised as the industry expert in the provision of Equipment Management Solutions that are identified as high value, needs targeted options by our customers.
Each customer’s operation has its own unique challenges ranging from production requirement and fleet match, through to efficient, low cost operation and maintenance. We can provide technologies and services that can be scaled and customised in alignment to any unique business need our customers require support with. Being connected to the assets through EM Solutions, enables Trakindo to be more responsive to immediate needs, proactive in providing maintenance recommendations and pre-priced repair options, and consultative by providing advice and strategic support.
Through EM Solutions, Trakindo are able to:

  1. Provide alerts with recommended actions relating to health indications from connected assets.
  2. Provide advice and/or assistance with maintenance strategy as well as performance of these activities when needed.
  3. Scaled management of maintenance activities, in partnership with the customer. From strategy, planning & monitoring through to on site support and execution.

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Benefit Of EM Solutions

Scheduled maintenance reduces the overall cost of maintenance as well as reducing the cost pertonne/BCM/kWh/etc. due to higher reliability and availability of the asset. EM Solutions fully aligns to scheduled maintenance practices.

Knowing where the asset is and what it is doing enables the customer to focus on the efficient utilisation reducing fuel wastage and wear and tear. Increased use of available hours on productive tasks leads to improved profitability.

Increases in scheduled maintenance providing more predictable production periods (reduced breakdowns) leads to improved people efficiency through higher levels of labour utilisation both for maintenance and operational needs. Often more can be done with less also reducing labour costs overall.

The scalability of EM Solutions allows the customer to transfer degrees of risk to Trakindo dependent on the level of support the solution offers. The more management responsibility Trakindo has, the higher the level of risk Trakindo take over from the customer.

The Five Levels Of EM Solutions

The Five Levels Of EM Solutions – provide the support solutions customers need, ranging from basic right through to full maintenance contracts.

Connectivity to the asset is the key here. Providing the customer access to asset location and electronic data through Product Link (PL) hardware and Vision Link (VL) Software. SMS alerts for critical issues is part of this solution plus yearly inspections.

Provides information from one or two connectivity options including Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS), 3rd party Telematics and/or PL/VL inclusive of monthly reports detailing fuel burn (if available), productivity and issues reported.

Is the beginning of condition monitoring so requires SOS and electronic connectivity. More regular inspections with backlog repairs monitored, maintenance activity recorded (where possible) and scheduling advise provided inclusive of component lifecycle optimisation based on condition data (dependent on data quality and frequency).

Moves into contracted scaled support solutions with Trakindo partnering the customer in the provision of maintenance activities, be they strategic, planning, condition monitoring, site operational support, execution, risk partnering or any combination of these. Trakindo is ready to provide the level of support in a bundled solution fully focused on the needs of the customer.

Is the solution where Trakindo takes responsibility for most if not all of the maintenance activities under contract for a known cost. The customer can focus on their areas of expertise, production and operation, while Trakindo manages the maintenance effort..


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