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Maintenance & Service

Service Support

Now customer is able to contact us anytime through Trakindo Call Center in 1500228 to get immediate assistance and advisory through Services Command Center with the Marine Command Center for your vessel support, real time equipment monitoring so the customer can make decision even faster to achieve high productivity of their equipment.

We maintain fully equipped, state-of-the-art workshops facilities to cater for major repairs and maintenance jobs. Our workshops apply stringent contamination control standards and has won certification at the highest levels from Caterpillar.

Our workshops are equipped with special purpose assembly stands and tools, along with specialized equipment such as Engine Dyno Test Benches, Hydraulic Test Benches, Fuel Injection Test Benches, and Hydraulic Track Presses to help keeping your machinery working well.

Field Service

Our technicians are available for on-site and emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week (*several location, referring to customer requirements) and wide coverage through our Resident Technician that more closely to customer’s population sites. Technicians are fully equipped with special purpose Cat tools and computerized diagnostic equipment, they provide faster diagnostics, accurate troubleshooting and repair, provision of service information and checking for available parts.

Trakindo maintains a network of specialized workshops throughout the country, where trained technicians using specialized tools and equipment can repair and maintain your machines. By eliminating the need to ship machines back to the factory for servicing, these workshops save your time and money.


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Equipment inspections identify equipment health condition and potential problems before failure (defects/exceptions), so can be reducing unplanned downtime and the cost to repair.

Is a list of inspection activities/checklist that is used to inspect equipment condition by visual or using advanced service tools to helps to identify backlogs that need to be done to improve or sustain equipment performance.

Custom Track Service

Custom Track Service is a machinery management program offered by Trakindo to help you get maximum undercarriage while at the same time saving time and lower costs by:

  • Enhancing the built-in value of Cat Undercarriage components
  • Providing quick and accurate analysis of undercarriage wear information
  • Allowing the customer to make decisions about maintenance

Custom Hydraulic Service inspections help machine owners keep their hydraulic systems at peak efficiency. Recommended once a year or every 2,000 hours.


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