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S•O•S℠ Services

S•O•S Program

The S•O•S℠ (Scheduled Oil Sampling) Program is a series of diagnostic tests which analyze the lubricating oils used in mechanical equipment. This program was developed to help customers realize the highest possible value from their equipment by minimizing repair costs and maximizing machine availability and life. Analyzing the oils helps to identify problems early before a component failure occurs, thus reducing repair costs and downtime.

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Product & Services

With more than 25 years of experience in oil analysis, Trakindo has used the S•O•S℠ Program to monitor more than 15,000 units of equipment and maintains complete history for Cat and other brands of equipment using various types of oil and fluids. Reports are generated through an online system and supplied with recommendations from our experienced oil analysis interpreters. The S•O•S℠ Laboratory not only receives fluid samples from heavy equipment, but also from non-heavy equipment such as industrial, marine, oil and gas, transportation.

Tests have been developed by S•O•S℠ Program to support preventive maintenance programs using standard methods from ASTM for oil analysis parameters such as: Wear Analysis, Oil Condition Analysis, Physical Test, Oil Cleanliness and Oil Contamination. The S•O•S℠ Laboratory can also customize analysis of fluid samples based on specific customer requests and parameters. Fluid samples are normally processed and reports released within 4 days of receipt at Trakindo branch.




Cat S•O•S Web Dashboard

In October 2021 Trakindo has launched the Cat S•O•S Web Dashboard, a new dashboard for customers that provide easy access to our fluid analysis report. With this new system, your fluid analysis is automatically integrated with your equipment management applications such as My.Cat.Com and VisionLink login.

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